How to Create a Customized Spotify QR Code

Update:  January 09, 2024
How to Create a Customized Spotify QR Code

Spotify QR code helps users revolutionize how they promote or share their favorite music from the popular streaming platform.

With a scan using a smartphone, you can open the Spotify link and listen to music directly from the device.

Whether you’re an artist looking to connect with your fans or simply a music enthusiast eager to spread the joy of a great playlist, QR codes for Spotify are the key to unlocking a new level of engagement and convenience.

Get ready to revolutionize how you share and connect with your favorite tunes with one smartphone scan using a QR code for Spotify playlist.

What is a Spotify QR code?

Spotify QR code

Static vs Dynamic QR Code: Their Pros and Cons

They eliminate the need for manual searching and typing, saving time and providing a seamless music-sharing experience.

Unlike the built-in Spotify code limited to the app’s system, these QR codes can be scanned on any device using any scanning app. 

With the QR code for Spotify playlist, your friends can enjoy your carefully curated playlists on iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone. The convenience is unparalleled.

How to get music links from Spotify

Before creating your QR codes, you’ll need to get the music links from Spotify. But don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake! Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you out.

  • Open the Spotify app on your smartphone or computer. Browse through the library of songs, playlists, and albums until you find the one you want to share.
  • Once you’ve found the perfect music piece, click the Meatball menu button next to the song, playlist, or album. A menu will pop up with several options.
  • Look for the option that says Share and give it a tap or click. This action will open up a sharing menu with various platforms and methods.
  • Select the Copy Link option. Spotify will instantly copy the music link to your clipboard. 

How to scan a Spotify code

Here’s a quick guide on how to scan Spotify codes: 

  1. Open the Spotify App and locate the code
  2. Tap on the Search Bar
  3. Access the Camera Scanner
  4. Align and Scan the code

After scanning the code, the app will immediately take you to the linked music. 

QR codes for Spotify vs Spotify codes: a comprehensive guide

You have two powerful options when sharing music from Spotify. 

But which one should you choose? Let’s dive into a head-to-head comparison and discover the strengths of each.

1. Accessibility

Users can scan QR codes with any smartphone or QR code scanner app, making it easy for anyone to enjoy their music. 

On the other hand, Spotify Codes require users to install the Spotify app on their devices, limiting their accessibility.

2. Editing

You can update the music link from Spotify, and your QR code will automatically reflect the changes. 

In contrast, Spotify Codes are fixed and cannot be modified once generated.

3. Tracking

If you’re keen on tracking the engagement of your shared music, QR Codes for Spotify have got you covered. 

With the help of QR code tracking tools, you can gather valuable data on scans, locations, and more. 

Unfortunately, Spotify codes don’t provide any tracking capabilities, leaving you in the dark about the impact of your music-sharing efforts.

4. Customization

When it comes to customization, QR codes for Spotify offer endless possibilities.

You can customize the design, colors and even incorporate your brand logo, making the QR code your own. 

On the other hand, Spotify Codes come with a fixed design and cannot personalize them according to your style.

How to create a QR code for Spotify using a QR code generator?

QR code generatorSo, you’ve got your Spotify audio link ready, and now you can create your own QR code. Follow these simple steps to get it done in no time:

1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage

Head to QR TIGER, a reliable and user-friendly Spotify QR code generator, to start creating your QR code.

QR TIGER offers a clean and professional interface, making navigating the QR code creation process easy without any hassle or distractions.

2. Choose the URL category and paste your Spotify audio link

Select the URL category from the menu options when generating your QR code and paste your music link.

You can use a selected song's link. Or, you can also pick a whole playlist and use the playlist link.

Using the QR code for Spotify playlist, your music party with friends or family is unstoppable.

Check the link by pasting it into your browser’s URL tab. It will ensure that the link directly opens the song without technical issues, guaranteeing a seamless scanning experience.

3. Select Dynamic QR and click Generate QR code

Consider using dynamic QR codes instead of static ones. Dynamic QR code allows you to change the URL behind the code’s content even after printing it. 

Additionally, they can track the number of scans your QR code receives.

Static QR codes lack these advanced features, so using the dynamic option for more flexibility and better analytics is best.

After entering your music link, you can now generate your QR code.

4. Customize your QR code

To give it a personalized touch, make a creative QR code design by selecting patterns, eye shapes, and colors and even adding the Spotify logo or the album image of the audio you’re embedding. 

It will make it clear to your friends that the QR code contains Spotify audio.

5. Run a test scan and share

Before finalizing everything, run a scan test to ensure your QR code functions properly.

This step is essential to catch and fix potential scanning errors in advance.

Once you’ve verified its functionality, download your QR code. If you plan to share it online with friends, save it in PNG format for the best image quality. 

If printing it, opt for the SVG format to preserve the QR code’s sharpness and clarity. 

Note: You must sign up for a subscription to use dynamic QR codes for Spotify. If you don’t have one, you can avail of the Freemium Plan for free—no credit card required. 

It offers three dynamic QR codes with a 500-scan limit each, providing you ample time to experience the advanced feature of dynamic QR codes. 

Boost your reach with QR codes for Spotify: 7 perks to take advantage of

Poster QR code

These handy codes offer a range of benefits that can significantly boost your music-sharing game. 

Here are seven advantages of using QR codes and why you should start incorporating them into your music-sharing strategy today:

1. Instant access with one scan

Gone are the days of sharing lengthy Spotify links that can be easily overlooked or forgotten. 

With QR codes, all it takes is a quick scan to instantly access the music you want to share. 

It’s as simple as pointing your smartphone’s camera at the code, and voila! The song or playlist is ready to play, effortlessly capturing your audience’s attention.

2. Seamless sharing on multiple platforms

Spotify QR codes are incredibly versatile, allowing you to share your music on various platforms. 

You can embed your QR codes anywhere, whether on social media, websites, printed materials, or merchandise. 

This flexibility ensures that you can reach your audience across different channels and make it convenient for them to engage with your music wherever they are.

3. Amplify offline promotions

Want to promote your music at live events, concerts, or in physical spaces? QR codes for Spotify are the perfect tool for offline promotions. 

By including your QR code on posters, flyers, or even business cards, you can captivate the curiosity of passersby. 

They can instantly scan the code and immerse themselves in your music, making it a memorable and engaging experience.

4. Curiosity-driven engagement

QR codes have an inherent curiosity that entices people to scan them.

When someone sees your QR code, they’ll naturally be curious about what it holds. 

This curiosity-driven engagement can increase interactions, followers, and fans. 

Use this to your advantage and create intrigue around your music through visually appealing and strategically placed QR codes.

5. Expand your fanbase with a single tap

A Spotify playlist QR code makes it incredibly convenient for listeners to become fans with a single tap. 

They don’t need to search for your artist name or navigate multiple pages. 

Scanning your QR code takes them to your Spotify profile or the song or Spotify playlist you want to share. 

This seamless experience enhances user engagement and increases the likelihood of gaining new followers.

6. Track and analyze QR code performance

Unlike traditional sharing methods, Spotify QR codes offer valuable insights and analytics. 

You can track the number of scans your QR code receives, allowing you to measure its effectiveness and understand your audience’s preferences. 

With this data, you can refine your music-sharing strategy and tailor your content to resonate better with your listeners.

7. Foster collaboration

QR code for Spotify have the potential to go viral and create a snowball effect in your music-sharing endeavors. 

When your followers and fans discover your unique QR code, they can easily share it with their network, introducing your music to a broader audience. 

Additionally, you can use QR codes collaboratively, enabling artists, influencers, and brands to cross-promote and amplify their reach, fostering a sense of community and shared enthusiasm around music.

Elevate your music reach with Spotify QR codes using QR TIGER 

The convenience and accessibility of a Spotify QR code eliminate the barriers that come with traditional sharing methods, making it easier than ever for fans and new listeners alike to immerse themselves in your sonic world.

With one scan, your audience can instantly access your music, effortlessly engaging with your tracks, playlists, and even your artist profile. 

By incorporating these dynamic and captivating codes into your strategy, you’re on to take your music to reach new heights.

With QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator, you can create personalized Spotify QR codes that capture attention and spark curiosity. 

It’s time to elevate your music reach, connect with your fans on a new level, and make your mark in the ever-evolving music industry.

Create your customized QR code for Spotify today.

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