About Us

Update:  September 08, 2023
About Us

Our Story

QR TIGER was built on one principle: To be the most advanced yet most affordable online QR code generator for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We envisioned a software that gives a digital dimension to products and services; comprehensive, customizable, and very easy to use.

And so, in 2018, QR TIGER was born. We have since helped thousands of personalities, brands, and corporations worldwide launch successful QR code-powered campaigns, events, and processes. Now at least eight QR codes are created every minute on the website by customers from all over the world.

Our Founder

Our founder, Benjamin Claeys, is an architect in every sense of the word. His fascination for QR code technology led him to develop QR TIGER, initially as a simple URL linking tool and then eventually expanding to a range of solutions: from the popular File QR codes and vCard QR codes, to more advanced applications such as Bulk QR codes, Landing page (HTML5), and multi URL QR codes.

Benjamin is now recognized as one of the world's top QR Code Experts and host of Stay QRious, a podcast that gives QR code-related business and marketing tips.

The Team

QR TIGER has team members working worldwide, with offices in the US, Europe, Singapore, and Southeast Asia running marketing and customer service operations.

Our Mission

QR TIGER aims to maintain its stature as the world’s most advanced online QR code generator. We provide affordable, effective, and complete QR code solutions geared toward the success of individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to constantly expanding our QR code-powered ecosystem to give a digital dimension to every product and service across different industries.

Our QR code Solutions

URL QR code

The QR code solution that started all the inspiration for further QR code technology innovation. Since most of the data embedded in a QR code is in URL form, including this feature in our offers is a must for all.

vCard QR code

This solution serves as a portal to your contact information. With a quick scan, people can access all your contact details, which scanners can directly save into their device. It can include company details, social media links, an image, description, and more.

File QR code

This dynamic QR code solution allows you to embed different file types as a document, PowerPoint presentation files, Excel Sheets, PDF, and more. As well as attaching audio and video in MP3, WAV, and MP4 format. With these features, you will be able to create a PDF QR code, Excel QR code, PowerPoint QR code, Video QR code, and more.

Link in Bio QR code (Social media QR code)

The social media QR code is a dynamic type of QR code solution that houses one’s business or personal social media and business link in one QR code. This solution allows you to give the scanner an option to easily follow you on many social media platforms with one scan.

Menu QR code

The menu QR code is one of the most used QR code solutions up to date. This solution enables restaurants and bars to embed their digital menus into a QR code and continue their foodservice operations in a safe and contactless way.

Landing page QR code

If you are planning to create a QR code that redirects to your own custom-build landing page, then you should try using this QR code solution. This QR code solution allows you to create your personalized landing page or add your built mini-program code into a QR code.

Multi URL QR code

An advanced dynamic QR code solution that allows you to embed multiple links or URLs that display according to the scanner’s device location, language, time, number of scans, and geofencing. Multi URL QR code is a great tool to use for global brands and companies with geographically-dispersed target market.

App Stores QR code

A type of QR code that enables brands and tech developers to create a QR code to direct people to scan the code and directly download the app. This supports major mobile application stores: App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android), and AppGallery (HarmonyOS).

Wi-Fi QR code

This solution stores Wi-Fi credentials like encryption protocol, SSID, and password, allowing scanners instantly connect to Wi-Fi. They no longer need to manually type lengthy, complicated passwords.

MP3 QR code

A QR code solution that stores audio files. It supports MP3 and WAV format. Once scanned, people can  instantly listen to audios or soundtrack on their device.

Facebook QR code

Instantly embed your Facebook profile or page link into a QR code.

YouTube QR code

Lets you embed your YouTube channel profile or video link onto a QR code.

Instagram QR code

Instantly lets you attach your Instagram profile link by just placing your link or username into the QR code.

Pinterest QR code

Immediately lets you embed your favorite pins and ideas into a QR code.

Email QR code

A QR code that can store an email address, pre-filled subject, and message. Once scanned, the code redirects scanners to the email app, where they can instantly compose an email without typing your email address.

Text QR code

This type of QR code allows you to store short messages to your loved ones. Whether it is giving a surprise message or confession, having a text QR code is definitely a great means of thrilling up your message sending means to your loved ones.

SMS QR code

A static QR code solution for short message service. This stores a mobile number and a pre-filled text message. The code redirects scanners to the device's messaging app, allowing them to directly send a text message.

Event QR code

A static solution that embeds event details like the event title, venue or location, and event duration (start and end time of the particular event).

Location QR code

This static solution stores a specific location by inputting the area's latitude and longitude. Scanners can access the specific location on a map service app on their device.

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