How to Build Brand Awareness Using a Customized QR Code

Update:  August 11, 2023
How to Build Brand Awareness Using a Customized QR Code

Building brand awareness is one of the key factors in successful marketing. Create a unique experience for your customers and build brand awareness using QR codes.

Undoubtedly, QR codes have now become a great part of our society.

QR codes provide a fast and innovative technology that is used in various fields, including business.

As technology rapidly advances, old-fashioned marketing is not as effective as before, and new and more innovative ways are used in marketing.

Businesses and entrepreneurs now use digital technologies and the Internet to advertise their brands.

QR technology in business marketing

One of the new technologies most widely used in marketing nowadays is QR technology.

With the use of QR codes, you will be able to connect your offline marketing materials to your online campaigns easily.

Thus, allowing you to provide more information for your customers and future clients.

The webpage where the QR code is directed to when scanned can be read and saved using mobile phones, making it easier for you and users to access and save the information.

Custom QR code with logo

There are many ways and strategies in which the company can build brand awareness by using QR codes.

Make your marketing campaign stand out by leading the scanners to various interesting and engaging content using QR codes.

An advanced QR code generator, like QR TIGER, allows you to create QR codes of different content.

You can generate a QR code that directs users to a video ad, video manual, audio ad, vCard, and many more.

These QR codes can also be customized, allowing you to integrate your brand image into your QR code. And with a custom transparent QR code, you can flawlessly blend them into any campaign design.

The QR code image and the content where the QR code is directed can be designed according to your brand identity and purpose.

You can match the QR code color and pattern according to your brand. You can also put your logo and tagline in your QR code, enabling you to build brand awareness by just displaying a QR code.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness refers to how people and customers easily recognize and recall your brand.

It defines how people recognize your brand and how familiar they are with it or your products.

Raising brand awareness allows you to promote new products or revive an old brand.

Why do you need to build brand awareness?

Brand awareness is often the first thing that drives sales; it is the foundation that eventually leads consumers to purchase or acquire your services or product.

Brand awareness allows consumers to distinguish your brand from your competitors and help your brand to be remembered.

When consumers know your products are from a trusted brand, they are more likely to buy from your brand than the products from your competitors. Thus, increasing your market sales.

Brand awareness also helps you improve the customer’s brand perception and helps build your brand identity.

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How do you create brand awareness?

To create brand awareness, you must create a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

QR Technology allows you to provide more information about your products. It also can lead your customers to more engaging content that helps your brand stand out.

Incorporate your brand identity through your QR code content and create contents that customers will look forward to.

Brand awareness QR code campaign

It also allows you to customize your QR code, allowing you to incorporate your brand image, color, and logo in your QR code.

Using the traditional black-and-white QR code for your campaigns will not be able to build brand awareness.

To overcome this problem, you should customize and integrate your brand identity into your QR code.

By customizing your QR code according to your brand image, the audience will have an idea of what the purpose of the QR code might be. Thus, allowing you to attract your target customers.

How to use QR codes in building brand awareness and distinguish your product from your competitor

QR codes help you provide more information to your customers. By just scanning a QR code, scanners are directed to more content.

This content may be a webpage, video file, audio file, or image file.

To have a more successful QR code campaign, your content must be engaging and in line with your brand’s purpose.

Having boring and wordy content may disappoint the scanner and eventually disrupt your campaign’s effectiveness.

Define your QR code content: Know the right content for your campaign.

There are so many things that you can do with your QR code’s content. You can direct the scanners to different content, such as the following:

Direct the users to your company website

By scanning a QR code, let your scanners know more about your brand. You can direct the scanners to your website by creating a URL QR code.

Website link QR code

By displaying a URL QR code for your website, customers will no longer have to type and search for your website manually.

To generate a QR code for your website, copy your website’s URL and paste it onto the URL QR code generator.

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Allow scanners to see video or visual ads or manual

Direct your scanners to more engaging content by embedding video or image content in your QR code.

You can use these files as advertisements or manuals, which could give more information to your customers.

You can create a video or visual ad QR code by using a file QR code generator. Upload your video or image to the File QR code generator and generate a QR code.

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Let your scanners listen to an audio ad or manual

If you are promoting a concert, an audio ad would be more appropriate for your QR code campaign.

Using a file QR code generator, you can also create an audio QR code for your concert promotion. Just upload a sample song from the artist and generate a QR code.

Let the scanners access and save your vCard

You can also direct your clients to your vCard when they scan the QR code.

By scanning a QR code that has vCard content, scanners can easily save your information using their mobile phones without the hassle of typing it.

Custom vcard QR code

You can generate a vCard QR code by using a vCard QR code generator.

Click the vCard icon and fill up your basic information, such as your name, contact number, and email. Then generate a QR code.

Let your scanners easily follow social media profiles

There are a lot of advantages to directing scanners to your social media profiles.

By generating and displaying a social media QR code in your campaign materials, you will be able to increase your social media followers and provide more insight about your brand and products to your customers.

Generate a social media QR code to display and link all your social media profiles by just scanning a QR code.

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Let the scanners access your restaurant’s online menu

Are you a restaurant owner? Display a QR code on your flyers and posters that directs scanners to your online menu on a food ordering and delivery platform.

Customers can easily order from your restaurant without entering your establishment.

You can generate an Online food menu QR code using a URL QR code generator.

Copy and paste the URL of your online food ordering platform, such as Foodpanda and Swiggy, to a URL QR code generator and generate a QR code.

Let the scanners reach you through your Email

You can also direct the scanners to your Email, where they can easily ask about your products and send you emails by scanning a QR code.

You can generate an Email QR code using an Email QR code generator.

Type your email address in the Email QR code generator and generate a QR code.

An example of a well-defined QR code content is Levi’s QR code campaign, which was attached to their jeans tag.

By scanning the QR code on the tag, the scanners are directed to an image that shows how the jeans look when fitted.

Seeing how the jeans look would help the customers decide whether to fit or buy the jeans.

Brand awareness strategy using customized QR codes

Brand identity is affected and extends to everything related to your company. The company logo, color, website design, social media, and marketing materials represent your brand identity.

Designing every material associated with your company is important for your company’s success.

Thus, the QR code generators now allow you to generate a customized QR code that suits well with your brand.

Customize the QR code color to match your brand color

Brand colors say so much about the brand. Your brand colors can easily convey information to your customers.

Branded QR code

Colors define your brand and convey your company’s values.

For example, the color pink is usually defined as feminine. Thus, they are often used in women’s clothing lines and makeup brands.

While color green is often associated with nature and is used in eco-friendly brands and brands that promote sustainability.

Thus, incorporating your brand’s color in all your campaign materials is critical for the audience to know and pinpoint your company’s value.

By applying color in your campaigns, you can also attract your target customers.

The QR code generator has now advanced from generating black and white QR codes, allowing users to customize their QR code’s colors.

You can now choose a color for your QR code and match it with your brand color.

This way, you can convey your brand message and attract your target customers by just placing a QR code.

Add a color gradient to your QR code to display multiple brand colors

Most companies use gradients of various colors as their brand color.

These colors are used to accent the brand logo and set the vibe of how they want their company to be perceived.

These colors allow them to be remembered and differentiated from their competitors.

QR code generator not only allows you to pick a color for your QR code but also allows you to choose whether to apply a single color in your QR code or apply any gradient of two colors.

If your brand has multiple colors, you will still be able to create brand awareness with your customized QR code.

You can also choose the direction of the two-color gradient, from left to right, top to bottom, or radial, allowing you to incorporate your brand color into your QR code accurately.

For example, if you want to generate a QR code for Mastercard, you can have a color gradient of red and orange QR code colors that is directed from left to right.

Or, if you want to generate a QR code for Pepsi, you can generate a QR code color gradient in which red is on the top and blue is on the bottom.

Being able to create a color gradient in the right position lessens the possibility of your QR code being mistaken for other brands.

Add your brand logo to the QR code

A logo creates a visual representation of your brand’s vision and values.

Your logo is the face of your company and represents the brand’s identity. It also allows you to be set apart from your competitors. Thus, it is necessary to put your logo in all your marketing campaigns.

Usually, the brand’s logo is the first thing the customers see.

Having a good logo often gets the audience’s attention.

By displaying your logo in all your marketing campaigns, you widen your brand exposure and allow your business to be easily recognized.

Maximize the efficiency of your QR code campaign by incorporating your brand logo in your QR code.

QR code generators allow you to upload your company logo and display it with the QR code image without affecting the scannability and readability of your generated QR code.

Customize the QR code pixel patterns according to the shape of your logo (optional)

Brand color is not the only thing that affects the audiences’ brand perception of the logo’s shapes.

Shapes can symbolize different ideas, create a sense of depth, and convey mood.

One of the most used shapes in brand graphics is a circle.

Circles are often associated with positive messages, unity, and steadiness. At the same time, squares are depicted as professionalism, proportion, and balance.

These logo shapes depict your brand’s values or tell a story.

For example, the Olympic ring logo shows interlinking circles of different colors, conveying that people of different races can participate in the event.

Another example is the four squares in the Windows logo represent a window.

You can also apply the shape of your logo in your QR code pattern. QR code generator offers a lot of pixel patterns in which you can customize your QR code.

If your logo has a circular shape, you can choose a pixel pattern with soft edges or a circular pixel.

But if your logo has sharp corners or edges, you can use the square pixel pattern and customize your QR code with a diamond pattern.

You can customize the QR code eyes further to match your QR code with your brand image.

Include your company’s tagline in your QR codes

The tagline is a catchphrase or slogan that provides entertainment or describes the company’s purpose or mission.

These taglines reinforce the brand identity and help the company’s values to be remembered by customers.

Many companies are recognized by their taglines, making it an important part of marketing.

One of the most famous is Apple’s tagline “Think Different,” which conveys the message to the audience to think creatively and express their unique thoughts.

With this tagline in your campaign, people who will see your campaign will automatically know that the campaign belongs to Apple.

Making it easier to attract audiences, especially the iPhone enthusiast.

Now imagine if your campaign contains only a QR code. Just placing the tagline “Think Different” will encourage people to scan your QR code.

By just placing a tagline in your customized QR code, you will be able to create brand awareness and attract more people to scan the QR code.

QR code generator does not only let you customize the color of your QR code but also allows you to put text on your QR code. You can use this feature to tag your brand in your QR code campaign.

Change the QR code URL and reuse your customized QR code without changing them

Do you want to change the content of your QR codes without retracing and replacing every QR code in the marketing material campaign?

Or did you enter the wrong URL in your QR code, which leads to a broken link when scanned?

Reprinting new ads and replacing your marketing materials just because you made a small mistake is inefficient and expensive.

Avoid these expensive consequences by generating a dynamic QR code.

Dynamic QR codes enable you to edit and change your URL without generating another QR code or changing your materials.

Thus, you can correct any typos in the URL you first entered.

With this feature, you could also change and direct the scanners to a different website, allowing you to maximize the use of your QR code.

Generate your customized QR code with the QR TIGER QR code generator online

Want to make a QR code that reflects your brand? Build brand awareness in your QR code campaigns by customizing your QR codes.

You must use a reliable QR code generator to create an appealing customized QR code.

QR TIGER QR code generator is a fast and secure generator that enables you to customize your QR code.

QR TIGER lets you personalize the QR code colors, patterns, and eyes. You can add your company logo and brand taglines to your QR code.

Visit QR TIGER and make your own branded and customized QR codes now.

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