Contactless menu: A thriving medium in 2024

Update:  January 02, 2024
Contactless menu: A thriving medium in 2024

Contactless menu adds an interactive touch to your restaurant. Customers scan the QR code using their smartphones and will be redirected to a digital menu where they can conveniently order and pay for their food and drinks. 

A contact-less digital QR menu has been going on for years now. As per Statista, 59% of consumers would say that QR codes will be a permanent part of their smartphones. 

People also prefer contactless payments because it is safer than traditional transactions. That is why contactlessc menus that also facilitates contactless transactions are widely used.

A contactless digital menu that integrates to Point of Sale (POS) systems and online payment solutions are a “must-have” for restaurants as they enable you to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more how to create a QR code-powered contactless digital menu and the various benefits you can get when you implement it on your restaurant business.

What is a contactless menu?

A contactless menu is a type of digital menu that is powered by QR technology. It interlaces food visuals for your menu concept and its food description.

QR technology helps restaurant owners generate their own customized QR code menu. Customers can scan the QR code to order and pay using their mobile device.girl at restaurant with menu qr code tiger table tent Furthermore, as a feature of a QR code contactless menu, the restaurant owner can edit and update its contents without reprinting paperback menus.

It serves as an alternative to traditional menus where it uses paper or cardboards in presenting their menu board.

What software can generate a contactless menu?

There are a lot of software in the digital market that can create a contactless menu for your restaurant. It offers different features and approach in generating a contact-less digital QR menu for your restaurant.

QR code generators can make a customized menu QR code for your business. These QR code generators offer QR solutions where you can edit and update your menu without reprinting new codes.

On the other hand, an interactive restaurant menu QR code software can be your partner in scaling up your business.

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software lets you run a smooth kitchen operation while monitoring orders through a real-time dashboard. It also helps your restaurant expand its marketing strategies online.

This software gives you an access to a digital platform which fulfills the best offers of order fulfillment system features. It lets your customers scan a digital menu, make orders, and pay up easily with the seamless integrations of this software.

Not just a partner in scaling up a business, it also maximizes your restaurant’s productivity with less manpower, and it increases your brand with customized menu QR codes.

Thus, it also generates and create a contactless menu while also handling digital operations for your restaurant. It is an all-in-one software where you can do much for your restaurant.

MENU TIGER is a digital menu system that offers an advanced interface that upscales your restaurant operations.

Its essential features provide modernized operations to your restaurant, boosts your competitive scannable contactless menu and order fulfillment system tiger websiteMoreover, it maximizes your restaurant branding by customizing your contactless menu powered by QR technology.

You can personalize your scannable contactless menu by integrating a color palette, logo, and a call-to-action statement that best fits your restaurant’s personality.

The MENU TIGER digital menu system also lets you design and custom-build your website. In this way, it helps your restaurant build an online presence and branding.

It also offers online payment integrations with Stripe and PayPal, and a seamless Clover POS integration for your physical and online transactions.

Moreover, MENU TIGER allows you to create multiple store branches in one account, manage a complete and a real-time order fulfillment system which does not ask for any commission from its offered services.

It makes you assign specific and distinct workload access to your management and kitchen staff. Basically, MENU TIGER helps you create a digital menu system for your restaurant with Clover POS integration.

The software helps your restaurant expand in the digital space while running management and kitchen operations in one software which generates a customized scannable contact-less digital QR menu.

How to make a contactless menu QR code using MENU TIGER?

Here are the steps in creating an account and a contactless digital menu for your restaurant business.

  1. Go to MENU TIGER and create an account for your restaurant business. create account menu tiger interactive menu qr code software2. Go to Stores section to set up the store for your restaurant business.create store menu tiger3. Customize your menu QR code and set the number of tables. Download the respective QR code per table to be displayed on your restaurant tables.customize menu qr code menu tiger 4. Add users or admin to each of your store. add menu tiger users or admin 5. Set up the digital menu and create your food list.setup menu tiger digital menu 6. Go to Modifiers section to start adding modifier groups such as toppings, dressing, etc. add modifier groups menu tiger7. Custom-build your restaurant website to boost your online presence.custom-build restaurant website menu tiger8.  Set up the payment integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and Cash.setup payment integrations menu tiger 9. Track orders real-time in the MENU TIGER software dashboard and fulfill your customers’ meal orders.track orders using order panel menu tiger

Why is a QR code menu a thriving medium?

As a thriving medium, we should consider its benefits for today’s dilemma and how it can cope for the next years.

The benefits of a scannable contact-less digital QR menu are endless. Thus, it offers a lifelong advantage for your restaurant to prosper in the coming business years.

Here are some benefits of a QR-powered contactless menu:

It is safer

Paperback and cardboard menus are often passed on from one customer to another inside a restaurant. It is most likely being reused by diners; thus, there’s a higher chance that the coronavirus can be transmitted.daughter and mother at restaurant with menu qr code tiger table tent However, with a QR-powered contactless menu, there is no need to pass a menu through multiple customers. The restaurant customers can easily scan the code to access and order via the digital menu.

Furthermore, the restaurant management and staff can track the orders real time in their order fulfillment dashboard. It ensures a safer dining experience without compromising the health and welfare of both staff and customers.

QR code menu is flexible

A QR-powered contactless menu is flexible in terms of its interface and software. Restaurant managers and their chef can update their menu concept, change their approach, or make minor changes to a menu without reprinting one.eating cheese sticks with menu qr code tiger table tentThus, a QR-powered contactless menu helps your restaurant save up some budget for reprinting and laminating traditional menus.

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It highlights your best-selling meals

QR-powered contactless menu ensures that your best-selling meals are always on-the-spot in the digital menu.

You can customize your digital menu website by putting the best-sellers on the featured portion of your restaurant homepage.couple candle light dating with menu qr code table tentBasically, as a restaurant owner, you can set promotions and upsell with MENU TIGER. It helps you set the recommended items best paired with the originally ordered dish.

In this way, your chef’s choice will always be attracting and enticing to future customers.

It fast-tracks order waiting time

A QR-powered contactless menu can fast-track the order waiting time for your customers. They can easily scan the code and place their orders.

The placed orders will then be reflected in real-time on the restaurant software dashboard, thus, it can easily track and fulfill orders by scanning menu qr code tiger table tent Basically, the restaurant owner or main user can fully access the dashboard in real-time. However, this could add up to the main workload of a restaurant owner.

Luckily, in using the software, the restaurant owner or main user of the account can assign another user or admin in the store to access and monitor orders from their end.

Moreover, customers no longer need to wait up for staff since they can easily place orders on their own with the use of their smartphones.

It is cost-effective

couple eating burgers with menu qr code tiger table tent at their tableMoreover, a contactless menu is a digital menu that can be updated and edited any time without spending much.

In this way, it makes your restaurant run a business cost-effectively.

It can get customers’ feedback

A customer’s feedback is important for the restaurant industry. It receives and absorbs feedback from customers so that the restaurant can find a new approach that could cater to their customer’s preferences.girl happily receiving her pizza at table with menu qr code tiger table tentThe restaurant owner and its management can download all the customer feedback. Moreover, you can copy customer details from the filled-up forms in a CSV file.

A QR-powered contactless menu can integrate a piece of contact information regarding the restaurant business. On every restaurant’s interactive menu website, customers can leave their contact details and feedback.

Since you have gathered the contact information of your customers, you can run retargeting email campaigns to loyal customers and offer them vouchers and freebies.

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Boost operational efficiency in restaurants with a QR code-powered contactless menu 

A QR-powered contactless menu is highly beneficial to your restaurant business. It ensures the safety of your staffs and customers. Your digital menu is also flexible since it can be updated and edited easily at any time.

Moreover, it helps you highlight the best-selling meals while offering a fast-track ordering time for your customers. 

And most importantly, it can also help you gather your customers’ feedback to improve your restaurant business.

There are a lot of advantages for your restaurant with a QR-powered contactless menu and these are just a few.

To know more about the QR-powered contactless menu and seamless digital menu system, contact us now.

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