How To Use QR Codes in Contest Marketing Campaign

Update:  April 28, 2024
How To Use QR Codes in Contest Marketing Campaign

Using QR codes in your contest or contest QR codes can maximize your brand exposure.

Furthermore, it can also provide easy access to your contest campaign as this digital tool is accessible using smartphones.

But how can you use this QR code technology in your contest campaign and get the most out of it? Keep reading to know more. 

Why should you use QR codes in your contest marketing campaign?

Most people nowadays do almost everything using their mobile phones, from shopping for clothes to ordering food. 

Thus, having promotional offers that are accessible using mobile phones will attract the customer’s attention and maximize your engagement.

Maximize your email list or boost your website traffic by conducting online promotional contests using QR codes.

URL QR code

These codes can be displayed on both digital and physical platforms, thus expanding your target audience.

Creating a QR code for an online contest would be a great way to advertise and promote your product while having an interactive online and even offline campaign.

Using QR codes in your contest, you will be able to provide easy website access for your online contest campaign and widen your brand exposure. 

What is the use of QR codes in contests, and how does it work?

Promotional offers are a great marketing strategy to drive more engagement.

But people are getting busier these days. And writing to fill up a contest form and personally submit it can be a hassle and may discourage them from participating.

Thus, innovative marketing is used in businesses nowadays, and most contests and sweepstakes occur online.

Increase your leverage by providing mobile access to your digital contests, making it easier for customers to participate

Here is a use-case scenario

You can make the contest registration and entry submission easy and hassle-free for your participants using a QR code.

QR code for registration

To conduct a contest using QR codes, you must first display a QR code in your contest campaign materials. Next, give them a reason to scan by adding a CTA (call to action) such as “Scan to register” or “Scan to send entries.” 

Then redirect your participants to your website and let them register using their email address after they scan the code.

In this way, you can increase both your email list as well as your website traffic.

QR codes can also be used in online and offline contest campaign materials, which will widen your campaign exposure.

Using QR codes in your campaign will help you attract a significant number of participants, making your contest campaign efficient and less costly.

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How to use QR codes for contest and marketing campaigns

A QR code generator offers different QR code solutions. But how would you use these QR codes in your contest campaign?

Here are some strategies you can apply using QR codes for your promotional contest.

Endorse and promote new or special products and services

Introducing a new product or service to customers and convincing them to try this new offer can be challenging.

Customers are sometimes hesitant about these products and stick to the products and services that they were used to.

Endorse your new products by making these products a prize in a contest.

You can create a contest using a QR code in which the first ten scanners can win some samples of the new product you are endorsing.

Website QR code

Generate an amount of scan-based multi-URL QR code in which you can lead the first ten scanners to a webpage where they can fill up their basic information and get a verification which they can present to get the prize.

After a certain number of scans based on what you have set up, it will go back to the company’s page (start URL), where it has other things from the company for sale.

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Increase social media followers and engagement

By generating a social media QR code, you can conduct a contest using a QR code that will lead your scanners to your social media profiles allowing you to grow your followers.

As part of your contest criteria, you can display and distribute your social media QR code on online platforms and ask participants to like, follow and share your social media QR code with as many people as they can, and they can also encourage people to scan it!

This way, you can boost your social media engagement and grow your followers.

Maximize your email list for remarketing

Let the participants use their email to register and send entries using an Email QR code.

By using an email QR code, participants can also send their entries directly to your email without the inconvenience of typing your email address.

This QR code will not only increase your email list. But will also allow you to remarket your products to audiences that are aware of your brand or have visited your website.

In this strategy, you can also remarket your brand to prospective customers.

Highlight your restaurant’s special day

Reward your restaurant’s patrons on your anniversary by giving them a chance to win some free coupons.

For example, on the day of your restaurant’s 50th anniversary, the 50th customer to scan the QR code contest can win a prize of 12 free coupons worth $100 each, which he/she can use for the whole year.

You can use the amount of scan-based feature of the multi-URL QR code to redirect the 50th scanner to a particular webpage online to redeem the 12 free coupons worth $100 each!

And within the same QR code, you can also redirect the rest of your customers/scanners (after the 50th scan) to an online form where they have to fill out their personal information for a chance to win a special prize!

The data that you gather will also help you in marketing and in improving your service.

To do the redirection of the multi-URL QR code based on the number of scans, this is how it looks like:

1st URL- The first 49 scanners will be redirected to your restaurant’s anniversary promo page.

2nd URL: The 50th scanner, who will be the winner, will be redirected to a webpage that notifies him/her as the winner and wins the prize of 12 free coupons!

3rd URL- The rest of the scanners, for example, 51st — 90th, will be redirected to an online form where they can fill out their information for a chance to win a special prize!

You may have given a customer $1200, but you will also be able to drive in more customers on your special day.

How to create QR codes for a contest

  • Use a QR code software
  • Choose the QR code solution for your contest campaign.
  • Select Dynamic QR code
  • Customize the QR code to match your brand graphics
  • Test your created QR code before downloading
  • Download and display

Why should you use a dynamic QR code instead of a static QR code?

Dynamic QR codes are flexible and editable.

This type of QR code allows you to edit the URL and your website contents, thus enabling you to modify any mistakes or typos even after printing and displaying the QR codes.

Data such as the number of scans, time, and location where the Dynamic QR codes are scanned are also recorded.

This data enables you to track your QR code campaign and help you in your future marketing strategy.

In comparison, static QR codes are fixed. In Static QR codes, you cannot change the URL nor track your QR code’s data.

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How to efficiently use QR codes in your contest campaign

Place the QR code strategically in your online contest campaign materials

Place the QR code where customers can see and scan it easily.

QR codes that are placed too low, where the customers will have to crouch to scan, will discourage them from participating.

QR code size

Also, think about the size of your QR code in your campaign material. QR codes that are too small are often unnoticed.

Give reasons to scan

Add a CTA (call to action) in your QR codes, such as “Scan to win” or “Scan to register.”

Create Brand awareness

Online and even offline contest campaigns are also a way to create brand awareness.

Customize your QR code according to your brand graphics and add your company logo to make it more engaging.

Define your landing page’s purpose

Landing pages where customers will have to look for the contest information and registry may discourage them from participating.

Do make sure that the landing will direct customers to the contest proper. Also, make your instruction easy to follow. 


Conducting a promotional contest online with the strategic use of QR codes can be very effective.

QR TIGER’s QR code generator is credible and safe software that offers a wide variety of QR code solutions.

QR TIGER creates reliable and scalable QR codes that can be adjusted to your desired size without compromising their quality. 

It also has advanced features that let you customize it and track your QR codes in real-time.

For more queries on how you can use QR codes for contests, you can contact us today, and our customer support team will be happy to serve you!

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