How to Use a QR Code Generator for a Word Document

Update:  August 08, 2023
How to Use a QR Code Generator for a Word Document

A QR code generator for Word document is a useful tool online used to create a QR code for documents. 

A document QR code digitally presents a Word file directly to the user's smartphone screen, when you scan the QR code using a smartphone device. 

But how does this work? Let's find out! 

Ways on how to embed a word document into the QR code

QR code generator

Before proceeding in knowing the word document QR code generator, let us first learn the ways on how to embed a word document into the QR code.

When embedding one, there are 2 efficient ways that you can follow through.

A. Using the file QR code solution

Uploading the word document can be the easiest way to embed it into the QR code. To do the upload, here are 3 simple steps on how to upload a word document to the file QR code generator.

1. Open the QR code generator.

You can use QR TIGER QR code generator online. QR TIGER offers a free QR code generator for word document.

2. Choose the file category in the menu.

3. Upload your word document.

B. Using the URL QR code solution for file links from the cloud storage

The other way in embedding your word document into a QR code is using the URL QR code generator by copy-pasting the word document’s link from the cloud storage to the QR code generator. 

To successfully copy one, you must first make sure that the word document that you want to embed is in your cloud storage.

If it is there, then you can go and proceed in getting the link by following these 8 steps.

1. Open the cloud storage that stored your file.

2. Find the file and open it.

3. Open the file icon and select share.

4. Edit the people you want to view your word document with.

5. Copy the link.

6. Open a QR code generator for word document

7. Select URL and paste your link.

8. Generate a dynamic to get more features.

By using this method, you can customize the people who can have access to your word document and keep it from getting exposed by others. 

You can also generate a bulk URL QR code for your online documents.

A Bulk URL QR code is a solution that will allow you to generate multiple URLs to QR codes in one go. 

What is a QR code generator for Word document?

Word QR code

A word document QR code generator can be used to turn your word documents into a QR code.

It allows your scanners to download your file right away when they scan the QR code using their smartphone. 

You can put these QR codes in your campaign materials, magazines, brochures, flyers, etc.

How to use a QR code generator for Word document?

To generate a word document QR code, you must choose which methods do you want to embed your QR code with. After that, you can proceed in making one by following these 5 simple steps.

1. Open a QR code generator for Word document

The first thing you need to do when generating your QR code is to open a QR code generator for word document.

Other than that factor, there are three other factors that you should consider when finding a suitable QR code generator: tracking abilities, usage convenience, and credibility to customize.

With these following features, QR TIGER can get you covered with your QR code needs.

With its ad-free and easy to use interface, you can create your QR code seamlessly and without any ad interruption. 

2. Select the category that matches your embedding method

After you have opened the word document QR code generator, proceed in opening the category that matches your embedding method.

If the method you choose is uploading your file, then select the File category and proceed in uploading.

When you choose to copy the file link of your word document from cloud storage, then the URL category is the suitable category for it.

To gain more features with your QR codes, QR code experts recommend users to select the dynamic icon of the URL category.

3. Generate and customize your QR code

Once you have selected your QR code category and filled in the required fields, you can proceed with generating and customizing your QR code.

When customizing your QR code, you can make your QR code look unique and professional by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, colors, and add your logo and call to action tag.

In this way, you can build brand awareness among your target audience. Just follow the basic guidelines when making your QR code. 

4. Test your QR code

After you have generated and customized your word document QR code, you can then continue to download your QR code and run a QR code test.

By testing your QR codes scannability, you can detect any early scanning errors and correct them before deploying them in print paper.

5. Download, then print and share

Once you are satisfied with your QR code scan test, you can then proceed in printing your QR code and sharing them with your colleagues, students, and friends.

Through this, they can ensure that the QR code they are printing is of high quality.

Use cases of Word document QR codes

Just like the marvelous use cases of word documents in various fields, the use cases of QR codes are also can be seen in any field possible.

To have a glimpse of how you can integrate the use of word document QR codes in your personal, and professional aspect, here are 5 use cases that you can follow through.


Word document is one of the most used tools in teaching and learning.

With the use of QR codes in sharing word documents, teachers can easily let their students automatically do their activities without the need of typing the word document’s link online.

In this way, the students can properly answer their activities while learning how to use technology.

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File QR code

One great way to use word QR codes in the office is by placing the QR code on the bulletin board.

By scanning, your colleagues can automatically know that your office presents new paperwork or announcements.  

Through this, you can increase the chance of getting your paperwork noticed by your boss and coworkers.

Real estate

Realtors use word documents to keep track of their permits and contacts. Using it, they can maintain organized realty operations.

As a means to disseminating word document powered files, using QR codes is a faster and minimalistic way that they can put into.

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Product packaging

Information such as product guides, recipes, and DIY projects are can be placed inside a word document.

Through the use of it, manufacturers can improve their product packaging design and fill enough information.

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Conference and webinars

Most of the word documents in businesses are mostly found in conferences and webinars. As they can take most of the conference chat messages, the need for a cleaner resource material tool is needed.

With the use of word document QR codes, conference and webinar organizers can integrate a sleek and cleaner conference prompt.

They can place these QR codes in between their presentations and let their participants scan them.

Benefits of using a QR code generator for word document

With the promising benefits QR codes can incur to people, here are the following dynamic QR  code benefits.

Accelerates file sharing

One of the benefits QR codes can give is it accelerates the file-sharing. 

By letting their recipients scan and view the word document, they can easily view and download the file in less than a minute.

In this way, the recipients will no longer need to type in the word document link or ask the flash drive that contains the file to copy.

Has a password-protect feature

If you are sharing a confidential file that only certain people should allow to access, you can put a password security feature for your word file QR code. 

You can also set an expiry feature for your QR code if you want the access to be time-limited. 

Securely hold the data

One great way QR codes can do for QR code users is its ability to securely hold its data.

With its amazing QR code correction feature, people can ensure their QR code’s data security even if it is experiencing 30% damage.

Because of that, they can safely use and share the word document QR code with their colleagues and recipient.

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Word document QR codes are dynamic QR codes and these types of QR codes hold two beneficial business and marketing features, tracking and editing.

In terms of tracking capability, the data they can track data such as the total number of QR code scans, the timeline of the scans made, the location, and the device used in scanning.

Through this feature, you can measure how many people have scanned your QR code.

You can also receive an email notification hourly/daily/weekly or monthly every time your QR code gets scans, depending on how you choose to set it up. 


Dynamic QR code

Aside from its ability to track its scanning data, word document QR codes have an editing feature that can benefit people and businesses.

With its editing feature, you can update your word document file without the need of producing a new set of QR codes. In this way, you can further use your QR code in a long run.

You can just edit QR code right away.


Since creating a QR code only requires a lesser number of materials, making one is inexpensive.

Thanks to its editable feature, you can always recycle your existing QR code by revamping its content. Through the use of it, you can save more funds.

Tips on how to make the most out of your word document QR code

When using a dynamic QR code generator for a word document, the need for creating a successful one lies in your hands. Because of that, QR code experts lay down 5 useful tips on how to make the most out of your word document QR code.

1. Choose the appropriate word document embedding method

The first tip QR code experts always remind users that they should do is by choosing the appropriate word document method.

If you are planning to share a file document with your students, then uploading the word document file is the right way to go.

When you are planning to share an important word document in your office and you want the key officials to first know its content, then the use of a cloud storage link embedding is needed.

2. Make a professional-looking QR code

To make your QR code look professional, QR code experts encourage users to attach their logo and call to action to the QR code design.

In this way, people will know where the QR code belongs to and what is the QR code about.

Also, people can lean on what QR code they should scan to view the information with.

3. Keep a visually appealing QR code look

As you are making a professional-looking QR code, the QR code experts always remind the users to keep a visually appealing QR code look.

By keeping its look, your recipients and target viewers can keep its focus on your QR code and scan them.

To keep a visually appealing QR code, you can choose the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors.

In terms of selecting the QR code’s color contrast, keeping a darker foreground color than its background color is highly recommended.

Also, QR code experts remind users to shy away from using light colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and pastel colors.

The selection of these colors can lead to inaccurate scanning which may prolong the scan duration.

4. Consider the right sizing and placement

When you are planning to print and place your QR code in its designated posting area, considering its right sizing and placement is important.

To maintain a scannable QR code, placing them at an eye-level is recommended. Also, when placing them on paper, always choose the area of the paper where the QR code will not be folded.

In choosing its right-sizing, the minimum sizing a scannable QR code can have is 2 cm x 2 cm (0.8 in x 0.8 in).

As you will be placing it on your office bulletin boards and paper, this sizing formula will help you decide on what size your QR code should go.

Scanning distance between the scanner and the QR code divided by 10.

5. Print a high-quality QR code output

To have a scannable print QR code output, printing it in the highest quality is recommended. Because of that, QR code experts require the users to download their QR code in a vector format such as SVG to ensure its print quality.

In this way, you can ensure a scannable and high-quality QR code output in your reports and activity sheets.

QR code generator for word document: Power up file-sharing seamlessly 

As QR codes are prevalent in almost all known fields for work, the QR code generator for word document can come in handy.

With the use of word document QR codes, businesses and marketers can now power the future of file sharing securely and smartly

To look for a QR code generator that can enable smart and secure file embedding into a QR code, the use of the best QR code generator like QR TIGER is a great way to go.

Through this, you can start a revolutionary QR code adventure for your personal and business usage. For more questions, you can also contact us.

Frequently asked questions

How to create a QR code for a document

To create a QR code for a document, go to QR TIGER QR code generator online and upload your word file document. You can do this either in the file QR code category and upload your word file.

If your word document is in Google docs, simply copy the URL and paste in the URL QR code category and generate your QR code. 

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QR code in word

QR code in word allows you to embed a word file and generate your word document QR code. When your QR is scanned, it will show the word file to the user's smartphone screen.

Word File QR code generator 

To convert your word file into a QR code, upload your file to the word file QR code generator in QR TIGER and generate your QR. 

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