Dynamic QR Codes: 9 Reasons Why They Are Better

Update:  May 26, 2023
Dynamic QR Codes: 9 Reasons Why They Are Better

Do you know what is dynamic QR code? As black & white graphics, they are being widely integrated on product labels, packaging, and other marketing channels over the past few years now and most of people have already been made aware of their functionalities. 

QR codes in product labels, in magazine pages, in business cards, in stores or shops, QR codes are everywhere! But do you know that there are different kinds of QR codes?

One of the most famous that various companies and brands globally use our dynamic QR codes and it is because of the dynamic QR code meaning.

Well, dynamic QR codes were especially designed and formulated as a new generation marketing tool to target customers while keeping things fun.

Dynamic QR codes are used to redirect scanners to a landing page or any URL with useful information. But how does it differ from other QR codes like static QR codes?

Dynamic vs Static QR CodesDynamic vs static QR codes

While static QR codes allow you to save alphanumeric data and redirect the scanners to a URL, you cannot change or edit the data once it has been generated or resolved. 

Thus, it becomes a hassle to generate QR codes each time you want to present new information to your targeted audience. In simple words, "there's no turning back" in static QR codes. 

If you're deciding what QR code generator to use between Beaconstac vs QR TIGER when it comes to the free static QR codes, choose the one that offers unlimited scans to enjoy the perk to the fullest.  

So once printed and distributed, you can't change the data embedded in static QR codes. 

This can be cost-inefficient if you are a business that constantly has new promos or offers to your customers.

Generating new QR codes can be a hassle and tedious as well as reprinting the newly generated ones.

This is where dynamic QR code  comes in handy.

So what is a dynamic QR code? These QR codes are way different and more advanced from static QR codes. One major difference is it can be edited anytime.

The data you embed can be changed every time you want your customers to be redirected to a new platform, website, or content.

This way, these type of QR codes benefits companies by saving money and optimizing their marketing strategy. 

Benefits of Dynamic QR codes

Added features and benefits in marketing are one of dynamic QR code meaning that makes it trending worldwide due to their added features and benefits in making marketing techniques a success.

Some benefits of using dynamic QR codes as your new marketing strategy are listed below.

1. Edit Landing PagesLanding page

Unlike static QR codes, you can change the URLs, information, or landing pages anytime using a dynamic QR code generator.

Meaning, if you have QR codes on your company brochures, business cards, or any other legal documents, you won’t have to edit them all each time you want to change the URL or landing page.

2. Track User Data

QR code tracking

A dynamic QR code lets you track user data to determine the campaign results. For instance, an ideal yet best QR code generator will let you track

  • Number of scans per day.
  • Location of the scans.
  • Date/time of the scan.
  • The device type of the scanners i.e. Android, iOS, or any other operating system.

These certain data or demographics is very helpful for you to analyze how is your business in terms of online and offline presence.

3. Modifiable in Terms of AnalyticsQR code tracking feature

In connection to number 2, by analyzing the current demographics of your QR codes, you can modify the data embedded very easily to improve your marketing campaign.

One example is changing the menu that can be found online depending on the activity of scans or the interests of potential customers.

4. Simply Attractive

As dynamic QR codes are flexible and use short URLs, their modules and pattern are also less as compared to static QR codes. Thus, you can also use them in congested places i.e. business cards or pamphlets. 

Promote your social media platforms efficiently using a social media QR code solution. A dynamic solution that directs user to a landing page with all your social media handles in just one scan. 

5. You Can Always Turn Back

Typographic errors are very common in almost every work. By using this type of QR code, you're business or brand can turn out to be almost perfect in terms of content.

6. Turn On/Off QR Codes Anytime

One of the best parts of choosing a dynamic QR code is that you can choose to turn on or off the redirection as per your requirements and preferences of your brand or business.

This means, if you were running or distributing special offers during the Christmas holidays, you can simply deactivate the campaign after the holidays and reactivate them next holidays or edit the content to a more fitting theme or preference.

5. Cost-Efficient

These QR codes are cost-efficient since it can be edited internally without tracing the QR codes you've placed almost everywhere.

To maximize your marketing strategy, you can convert video to QR code instantly to share digital content without the hassle. 

Different brands have constantly changing offers and promos and it would cost you a lot to reprint and redistribute new QR codes. In dynamic QR codes, it will save you hundreds of dollars.

How to make a Dynamic QR Code?


All you need to do is go to QR TIGER free QR code generator software. QR TIGER is your one-stop shop for all QR code needs and the best one out there for your QR code dynamic solution needs.

Select URL and input details

Select the “URL” from the menu. Enter the URL that will serve as your landing page. This is where your customers are redirected after scanning.  

Static to Dynamic QR Code

Switch the button from static to dynamic.

Test it

Test your newly generated QR code if it works in just one quick scan. Trust me, it will work!

Hit Download

All done! “Download QR Code” button below the QR code preview image to save your finished QR code, then you can print it out and distribute it.

After that, you can go to the Track data button to see your data or edit your URL.

Next to that, you can create both dynamic and static QR codes for vCard, Wi-Fi, Social Media Profiles, Text, Email, Bitcoin, MP3, Video, and more.

Dynamic QR Code It Is

In a nutshell, dynamic QR codes have become an important part of digital marketing.

QR code dynamic solutions can be a good way to connect the online and offline worlds, whether you run an online store, a retail store, or some other kind of business. Don't forget to include your call to action along with your QR code.

Don't forget your Call-to-action or CTA

It's very important to add a 'call to action' with your QR codes! Add the text like Scan Now! Watch Video, Scan to See, Scan, and Win, … along your QR codes to get 30% better scan rates! Yes, 30%! Too many brands forget to do this. 

Create your QR codes with QR TIGER QR code generator today. 

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