Dynamic QR Codes: 10 Reasons Why They Are Better

Update:  June 14, 2024
Dynamic QR Codes: 10 Reasons Why They Are Better

Do you know what a dynamic QR code is? Over the past few years, these versatile codes have been widely integrated into product labels, packaging, and other marketing channels, and most people have already been made aware of their functionalities. 

QR codes are on product labels, magazines, business cards, stores, billboards, and almost everywhere else! But did you know that there are different kinds of QR codes?

Well, dynamic QR codes were specially designed and formulated as a new generation marketing tool to target customers while keeping things fun.

Dynamic QR codes redirect scanners to a landing page or any URL with useful information. But how do they differ from static QR codes? Let’s dive in to know more about this technology.

Dynamic vs static QR codes: The difference

QR code types

While static QR codes allow you to save alphanumeric data and redirect the scanners to a URL, you cannot change or edit the data once it has been generated or resolved. 

Thus, it becomes a hassle to generate QR codes each time you want to present new information to your targeted audience. In simple words, "there's no turning back" in static QR codes.

If you're deciding which QR code generator to use, Uniqode vs QR TIGER, for free static QR codes, choose the one that offers unlimited scans to enjoy the perk to the fullest.

So once printed and distributed, you can't change the data embedded in static QR codes. 

This can be costly if you are a business that constantly has new promos or offers to your customers.

Generating new QR codes can be a hassle and tedious, as well as reprinting the newly generated ones.

This is where a dynamic QR code comes in handy.

So, what is a dynamic QR code? These QR codes are very different and more advanced than static QR codes. One major difference is that they can be edited anytime.

The data you embed can be changed every time you want your customers to be redirected to a new platform, website, or content.

The benefits of QR codes go beyond business and marketing. It can help companies save a lot of money and fine tune their marketing strategy.

How to create a dynamic QR code

  1. Here’s how you can create your own dynamic QR code:
  2. Go to a dynamic QR code generator online
  3. Select a dynamic QR code solution and enter the needed data.
  4. Click Dynamic QR, then Generate dynamic QR code.
  5. Personalize your QR code design. Add a logo, frame, and a CTA.
  6. Download to save your QR code.

Dynamic QR codes: Why they are better

Dynamic QR codes have added features that make them ideal for marketing. They are trending worldwide due to their added features and benefits in making marketing techniques successful.

Here’s what makes dynamic QR codes unique from static QR codes:

1. Editability and flexibility

Edit QR code

Unlike static QR codes, a dynamic QR code generator allows you to change the URLs, information, or landing pages whenever you want.

With QR TIGER, it’s real easy to edit a QR code directly from your dashboard.

Dynamic QR codes allow you to keep your content fresh. Just update the stored data directly on your dashboard to provide current or up-to-date information.

This means that if you have QR codes on your company brochures, business cards, or other legal documents, you won’t have to edit them all each time you want to change the URL or landing page.

2. Track your QR code in real-time

Track QR code

A dynamic QR code lets you track each QR code campaign in one place. This helps users determine the campaign results, whether they perform well or not.

Our dynamic QR code generator has a real-time QR code tracking feature. You can track the following:

  • Number of scans (total & unique scans)
  • Location of each scan
  • Date and time of each scan
  • Device type used in scanning
  • Map chart and GPS map

These QR code metrics help analyze how effective or optimize your campaign is. By monitoring these data, you can easily fine-tune your future campaigns.

3. They’re packed with more features

Modern times demand modern solutions. To keep up with ever-changing market preferences and behavior, businesses should use modern tools like a dynamic QR code generator.

Dynamic QR codes help businesses adapt and develop future-ready campaigns and strategies. With their built-in features, you can always keep a step ahead of your marketing game.

Here are the features you can enjoy when using dynamic QR codes:

  • Retargeting
  • GPS tracking
  • QR code geofencing
  • Expiry
  • Password
  • Email scan reports
  • URL UTM builder

4. Offer dynamic and fresh campaigns

Dynamic QR code campaigns

Dynamic QR codes are a cost-saving yet smart solution for achieving dynamic advertising or campaigns.

Their editability and tracking features make them ideal tools for modern, interactive campaigns, whether online or offline.

By adding dynamic QRs to marketing assets, you can easily direct your target audience to fresh, relevant content or landing pages that spark their interest.

5. Manage and monitor QR codes in one place

When creating dynamic QR codes, you can keep them in one place—your account dashboard. You can access it anytime to revisit your QR code for managing and monitoring purposes.

This makes campaign management effortless, saving you a lot of time.

6. Stay on brand

Achieve smart and eye-catching QR code-powered campaigns with the best custom QR code generator.

Break away from the old, boring, and dull-looking QR codes for your campaigns. Go for branded, fresh, and attractive QR codes with logos that can boost up to 80% more scans!

With QR TIGER, blending your logo and brand colors into your QR codes is a piece of cake.

Even after generating it, you can still edit the design of your QR code to realign it with your campaign at any time.

7. Simply attractive

QR code with logo

As dynamic QR codes are flexible and use short URLs, their modules and patterns are also less than those of static QR codes. Thus, you can also use them in congested places, e.g., business cards or pamphlets. 

Promote your social media platforms efficiently using a social media QR code solution. A dynamic solution that directs users to a landing page with all their social media handles in just one scan.

What’s even better with QR TIGER is their edit QR code design feature. Even after generating your own QR, you can still make changes to your current code design.

8. They’re a cost-saving tool

Balancing the budget and effectively executing marketing campaigns is the real challenge. That’s why it’s important to use tools that can help you lower the cost while keeping your campaign effective.

And that’s where dynamic QR code excels.

They are a budget-friendly yet smart tool that can ultimately help brands achieve tech-savvy campaigns without breaking the bank.

9. Fits all marketing medium

You can use QR codes anywhere. You can attach them to any marketing medium you’re using, whether it’s an online or offline campaign.

It’s a technology where it can fit digital and traditional campaigns.

To maximize your campaign, you can convert video to QR code to instantly take your audience to video content. This boosts engagement, taking their experience to the next level.

10. Achieve omnichannel campaigns

With QR codes, it’s easy to achieve customer-focused campaigns. Dynamic QR codes allow you to reach your audience wherever channel they are.

You can easily promote your brand and offerings across multiple channels and devices. Wherever your customers are, online or offline, you can easily (and instantly) direct them to your channel.

You can lead them directly to your social media or website in just a snap with their own device.

Pro tips to boost your QR code scans

Boost QR code scans

Add a QR code logo

Give your QR code a solid identity and make it known. Add your unique QR code logo so your scanners will instantly know it’s your QR code. It doesn’t just add identity; it adds credibility and a layer of security.

When scanners know your QR code, they’re more likely to scan it. With a glance, they’ll know it’s from your brand and not from anyone else.

Make your QR code shine

Make QR code even better than anyone else’s. Customize your QR code eyes, colors, pattern styles, frames, and more.

Seamlessly blending your brand kit with your QR code attracts more scanners than you can imagine. Customizing your QR code boosts scans by up to 80%!

Strong QR code CTA

Without a strong call to action, your QR code may go unnoticed. You can check some call to action examples online and see which ones fit your current campaign.

To boost scans even more, it’s best to always add a crystal clear and strong call-to-action on your QR code. This gives people direction on what to do with your QR code, motivating them to scan and engage with your campaign.

Example strong QR code CTA:

  • Scan QR code to learn more
  • Redeem discount here
  • Watch video here
  • Scan and see more
  • Scan to see how
  • Get started here

Start your dynamic QR code marketing journey with QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Dynamic QR codes are smart yet cost-saving tools that can make any campaign even better. Their built-in advanced features make them ideal for future-ready marketing initiatives.

It’s a brilliant solution that helps brands achieve tech-savvy and flexible campaigns. With dynamic codes, you can use a single QR for multiple campaigns.

Create tailored campaigns effortlessly with QR TIGER QR Code Generator. Start your dynamic QR code marketing now.

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