40 Best Innovative Uses of QR Codes

Update:  October 06, 2023
40 Best Innovative Uses of QR Codes

If you are starting to integrate QR codes for your marketing, advertising, business, or personal use but don’t have any idea of the possible QR code uses, here are the leading 40 best innovative uses of QR codes today. 

QR codes are very handy in different ways.

Most people use QR codes for ads and mobile payments, but there are also more applications for using QR codes.

In this article, we are going deep dive into the 40 best innovative uses of QR codes today and in the future! 

If you’re tired of reading long descriptive articles about some uses of QR codes, this blog will sum it up for you!

What’s more, there are also QR code features that you can generate for free using the free QR code generator online.

Read more to discover innovative QR code display ideas.

QR code innovation: 40 Best Innovative Uses of QR Codes

1. Social media QR code

Social media QR code

Using this, you can connect all of your social media platforms in a single QR code using a social media QR. 

It will instantly display all of your social media sites when your QR code is scanned! 

2. Direct Wi-Fi access and network sharing

Make a QR code for your Wi-Fi that will automatically connect you to the internet when scanned. No need to type long passwords.

3. Product Packaging

URL QR code
Another QR code display ideas is to put customized QR code with logo on product packaging.
Win the trust of your consumers by providing them with ingredients or recipes for your product when they scan the QR code.

By being transparent, you win the trust and confidence of your consumers, which will even lead you to attract new customers!

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4. QR Codes on table restaurants to scan the order

Your customers can instantly order when they scan this QR code innovation. They don’t have to wait in a long line for their turn.

You can link the QR code to your food menu and let them order.

This whole process is much more convenient for the customer and restaurant crews.

Moreover, QR codes in restaurants have long been incorporated in Asian countries.  

5. E-learning

Audio QR codeThis provides them the opportunity to study in a real book with the digital dimension element. You can print a QR code that will direct them to an audio/video course. 

6. As a gift

Surprise your loved one by letting them scan a QR code to see the gift you have for them online!

This adds a thrilling effect for the receiver. You can easily create one using a free QR code generator online.

7. In museums and art exhibitions

Museum QR code

One creative QR code display ideas to enhance museums and exhibits experience is to add them on standees or posters.

You can redirect your QR code to a video/audio site. 

This allows more intimate and one-on-one learning than having to participate with a busy crowd. Great for introverts! (no pun intended). Furthermore, QR codes are cost-effective, and no need to hire a tour guide.

8. QR codes on banners and advertising

Add a digital touch to your advertising campaign with the use of QR codes on banners and provide further information!

A customized QR code with a cool graphic design will be more likely to gain attention from people.

Furthermore, the QR code saves space on your banner from extra information.

You can also print your QR codes and distribute them around areas with a high amount of people. 

If you’re using a Dynamic QR code and you want to update the information behind it, you can do this without having to reprint the codes. 

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9. Event Posters

Provide more information or details about your upcoming event using a QR code

Share the highlights of the event, such as the venue, event itinerary, speakers, etc. Let them know what they should look forward to.

10. Wine and liquor bottles

QR code for wine bottles

This provides a digital extension to your product that engages your customers.

11. Magazines and Newspapers

Make interactive dealing with your readers in the print media industry using QR codes in magazines

You can also tempt the readers to visit your company website through a QR code by giving them prizes, free meals, or discounts that can only be used by when they scan the code!

This generates website traffic for your business. 

12. vCard 

vCard QR code

You can add your social media profiles in the QR code attached to your card!

It will make you more notable and will likely increase your chances of getting prospective clients and business partners.

You can create your vCard QR code here. 

13. Cashless Payments

You don’t need to bring your wallet anymore because, through QR codes, you now pay through mobile.

In fact, some of the famous retail brands, like Dunkin Donuts, 7-eleven, and Starbucks, have integrated QR codes to promote the online check-out system.

14. Marketing Vehicle

Turn your vehicle into a marketing opportunity and place faster orders by incorporating a QR code to your mobile vehicle.

15. Recipe books

You can link a QR code to cooking videos that will demonstrate how it’s done!

16. Wedding Invitation

QR codes on wedding invitations are not only cool, but you can use them to share your journey as a couple via videos, photos, or a site that shows the storyline.

This is a great way to send out invitations.

17. Retails

Enhance the customer experience in your retail business by integrating a QR code that will give further details to your customers about the products you offer.

18. Wholesale

Digitizing your wholesale business is going to improve your B2B market.

The future of wholesaling will significantly rely on technology, such as QR codes. 

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19. In bars

Make your bar extra by engaging your customers with surveys, lucky draws, and games using QR codes. 

20. Medical/ Cosmetic Products

QR code on packaging

21. QR code-based inventory

QR code-based inventory is one way to optimize and promote a smooth transaction of your inventory management system and allows you to have direct access to and track the asset information.

22. Combat Counterfeit products

QR codes are also used by one of the most well-known fashion retail brands Ralph Lauren to prevent their products from fake imitations.

Also, a lot of luxury brands are doing it already. Ralph Lauren also incorporated QR codes to secure its brand. Each of the items has a unique digital identity and product authenticity. 

23. Classrooms

Provide an e-learning system in classes using a QR code and boost interaction among your learners. 

24. Real Estate

Real estate QR code

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25. Treasure Hunts 

Let people scan the QR code and solve mystery puzzles. It’s an interactive and fun activity for everybody to get active, like a scavenger hunt. 

26. T-shirts and clothing

Elaborate product details, share the vision of your company, accumulate feedback, or link the QR code to your social media platforms and let people follow. 

27. QR codes on coffee cups

Simply greet or inspire the day of your coffee drinkers with a few words using a text QR code.

It will build an emotional connection between you and your buyers.

28. Movie Posters

Take your viewers to the movie preview. It’s a fantastic way to give people a quick insight into the movie and attract them.

29. QR codes on resume

Stand out from the pool of job applicants. QR codes on a resume are definitely eye-catching.

If you’re applying to technology-related companies, it will showcase your tech-savvy side and will increase your chances of getting hired.

Furthermore, QR codes on the resume are a great way to add more information about you that is not limited to a paper. 

30. QR Codes on Tickets

Turn your traditional tickets more fun for the customers by having a QR code with an extra promotional coupon for the winners.

Moreover, it also adds creativity to your tickets. Make your ticket more than just a ticket. 

31. QR codes to measure customer satisfaction

You can use a QR code to survey the overall satisfaction experience of your clients towards your service.

You can link the QR code, for example, to 5 questions that they have to answer when they scan the code.

This way, you will be able to know your customers’ ratings and what improvement you should do next!

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32. QR codes on window store

Not only the QR code on the window store sparks the interest and curiosity of the passersby.

It will also look appealing and attractive to your customers.

You are free to make creative use of QR codes for your marketing campaign.

For one, you can link a QR code to discounted items in your store.

Put a call for action like “Scan to get discounted items!”

33. Website app QR code

QR code on your website is a great way to drive more traffic.

In this case, the QR code app can be used to engage consumers to remain longer on your web page, thus reducing bouncing rate levels and increasing search engine rankings.

34. MP3 QR codes

QR codes can also be used as an audio guide.

There are numerous ways to make good use of QR codes in Mp3 audio, such as an Audio Book Guide, QR Code as a Tour Guide for many tourism endless spots, and music events that will play the sample music after scanning.

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35. QR codes on discounts and giveaways

Increase your promotional reach by using a coupon QR code for discounts and giveaways

36. In headstones

Using QR in headstones can link the people visiting the graveyard to online tributes of the dead, fostering a feeling of shared experience.

37. QR code in the bulk ticket

On QR TIGER, making QR codes in bulk is easy by uploading a CVS file or entering the number of QR codes you need for your business.

The best thing is that every QR code looks exactly the same for your clients.

38. Propose to your loved ones

Print a QR code t-shirt! Let your loved ones scan it with the magic question, “Will you marry me?” It’s a techie way to propose!

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39. Use to Navigate Directions or locations

Location QR codePeople no longer have to memorize the address or get stuck using a location QR code that is connected to Waze or Google Maps.

40. In train stations and bus stops

Give the commuters real-time details about when the next bus or train will be arriving using QR codes. This is very practical and convenient for commuters. 

QR code innovation: Uses of QR codes and beyond

The innovation of QR codes from the automotive industry to marketing business has become beneficial in these varieties of sectors, and we will keep seeing more and more uses in the near future.

Furthermore, it is very important to have a good call for action next to your QR code. 

A QR code is the same as a door, but if there is no sign to come in, nobody will enter.

If you want to get the most out of QR codes, use dynamic QR codes, as it is editable and trackable in real-time. 

Also, a custom QR code is 30 percent more likely to be scanned than a standard black-and-white QR code.

QR TIGER provides a logo-friendly custom QR code generator and also has an API for companies or brands that want to incorporate QR generation and monitoring into their CRM! All this with the best QR code generator online. 

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