QR Code GPS: Precise Location Tracking & Boundary Scanning

Update:  January 15, 2024
QR Code GPS: Precise Location Tracking & Boundary Scanning

QR TIGER just launched its new feature: GPS QR code tracking, an advanced dynamic QR code feature that uses a satellite-based navigation system to determine a scanner’s location.

QR TIGER’s GPS-activated dynamic QR codes allow you to get accurate scanner location data and set an area-specific scan limitation.

This advanced feature supports highly-precise geolocation tracking and scanning zone restriction or geofence.

Precision geolocation tracking lets you retrieve accurate scan location data based on the scanner’s geographical position, but only if they grant permission to access their device’s GPS location.

The geofence feature allows you to restrict scanning zone to control QR code access by setting a location-specific boundary.

This article will walk you through an in-depth discussion of QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code generator GPS feature and how it can help you improve your marketing strategies and business framework.

GPS QR code tracking: accurate scan location data, but with consent

GPS QR code tracking

The GPS tracking feature provides precise scanner location data. When people scan your dynamic QR code, the system records the exact position where they scanned it.

This is the new addition to the four features of QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes: the URL, file, and H5 editor solutions.

Unlike the previous location tracker, this feature comes with more precision. It provides the scanner’s location based on longitude and latitude.

With this feature, marketers and businesses can develop smart strategic plans. For instance, they can use the scan location data to identify the top locations to place their advertising campaign strategically and retarget scanners.

To activate this QR code GPS tracking feature, you only need to enable GPS Tracking on your dashboard.

Once enabled, the code redirects scanners to a permission page, requiring the scanner’s consent to allow the system to access its device location.

A question pops up: Would you like to share where you scanned the QR code? Scanners must grant permission first by tapping Yes, go ahead.

They also have the option to deny access or refuse to give their location information.

Now, if you track the scan location of your QR code campaign, you can see a map that shows the duration levels of devices spent in different areas.

The heat map shows different colors that indicate how long the devices were in a particular location.

Red and orange mean devices spent a lot of time there, while blue and purple mean devices were there for shorter periods.

Dynamic QR code generator GPS tracking feature: Use cases

QR codes with GPS tracking are handy today for the modern marketer. Big companies, small businesses, and even individuals can benefit from this advanced dynamic feature.

With their efficient tracking and monitoring capabilities, these codes play a huge role in accurate data collection and analysis and provide businesses with valuable insights.

Here’s how you can leverage the GPS-enabled QR code solutions:

Real-time campaign monitoring

With the increasing market competition and changing consumer behavior, marketers and businesses face new challenges.

They must seek new targeting solutions and adopt a data-driven marketing approach to offer a cohesive and improved customer experience across devices.

Integrating a dynamic QR code generator to leverage GPS-enabled QR code solutions can help strategists have a solid understanding of their target market to overcome modern challenges.

One way to do this is by thoroughly reviewing the market data, which is essential in creating value-enriched marketing campaigns.

Since the GPS feature can detect the scanner’s precise location, marketing strategists can trace their active target market’s behavior.

Here’s an example: You have a newly-launched product ad using GPS-enabled URL QR codes targeting Gen Zs across various cities nationwide.

Through the QR code scan location data, you can efficiently determine if your ad placement or marketing campaign is effective or successful in different regions.

This helps you make accurate and data-based decisions to allocate resources more effectively and adjust your strategy based on actual customer engagement.

Asset tracking and management

Aside from marketing campaigns, these versatile QR codes with GPS tracking also help companies track and monitor asset movement in real-time.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) on QR codes can enhance inventory management, reduce losses, and streamline logistics processes. For instance, businesses can affix these codes to valuable assets, equipment, or packages.

This is also perfect for logistics companies. They can track the movement of packages using file QR codes with GPS tracking, ensuring accurate delivery and minimizing the risk of misplaced shipments.

The logistics team only needs to scan the GPS-enabled QR code to record the exact location of the package from one point to another.

And with the geofencing feature, they can effectively control and track movement in specific areas by placing QR codes at designated entry and exit points.

This helps logistics companies efficiently provide customers with accurate shipment tracking, improving their transparency, productivity, and reliability.

Safety and emergency response

Aside from marketing and logistics, industries like emergency services can also benefit from using QR codes with GPS tracking. They can use these codes to implement their safety and emergency response system.

They can place a Google Form QR code at strategic points within facilities or public spaces. And in case of an emergency, people can scan the code to provide their location and contact details to first responders.

Enabling the Google Form QR code’s GPS feature lets responders immediately assist as they can locate the scanner efficiently using accurate scan location data.

Hospitals or rescue centers can also use a location QR code to provide accurate directions to people. This solution stores the location’s link or longitude and latitude coordinates.

Once scanned, the code redirects scanners to a specific area on a map. How do I create a QR code for my GPS? It’s quick and easy.

To create one, go to Google Maps first and search for the location of your establishment. Click the location pin and click Share > Copy Link.

Once done, go to a QR code software like QR TIGER and create a URL QR code. Paste the location link into the empty field and select Dynamic for precise location tracking.

After that, you can customize your QR code for easier recognition. Once done, you can download and print your location QR code.

QR code geofencing: limiting scans using location

QR code geofencing

QR code geofencing is another advanced GPS feature that enables boundary scanning. It allows you to restrict access to your QR code by setting location borders with longitude and latitude coordinates.

These are the ways you can set a location boundary:

  1. Pinpoint a specific area from the map; or
  2. Input the area’s longitude and latitude manually using Google Maps.

Once done, you can set the radius that defines the specific distance your QR code is accessible.

Scanners outside the boundary cannot access the QR code information unless they are within its radius.

If they scan the QR code outside the boundary and proceed to access the information, they are directed to go near the QR code. They must scan the QR code within its range to access its data.

Suppose you want to create a Google Maps QR code for your desired location only accessible within a specific area. You can create a custom URL QR code with your location link and enable Limit Scan Location.

In what ways can this feature help you? Check out some use cases below to understand how they work in different settings so your company can integrate them and benefit from this feature.

Dynamic QR code generator geofence feature: Use cases

QR code geofencing is a powerful solution for managing access to specific areas, tracking attendance, or monitoring movements within premises.

Here are some various applications of this feature that you can implement:

On-site attendance system

Work locations can have a unique QR code displayed at the entrance or within the workplace premises, which will serve as virtual checkpoints for employees to scan when they arrive to confirm attendance.

When they arrive at the workplace, they scan the dynamic URL QR code using their smartphones to check in.

The geofencing feature ensures that the QR code is only active and scannable within the specific location, preventing check-ins from unauthorized places. Users can also change the destination page daily to make it secure. 

As the system captures real-time attendance data, including the time and location of each check-in, it records and stores the scanned QR codes’ timestamps on a centralized data management board.

Managers or HR personnel can access this data to track employee attendance, monitor punctuality, and generate reports with efficiency and ease.

They can also activate email scan notifications to receive alerts on how many employees have scanned the attendance QR code.

By implementing a QR code geofencing-based mobile attendance system, businesses can streamline attendance management, eliminate manual processes, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency.

It provides a convenient method for employees to clock in while offering employers accurate tracking of employee attendance and compliance with work schedules.

Location-based marketing

In a marketing aspect, the geofence feature of dynamic QR codes allows marketers to develop localized or isolated marketing campaigns.

This smart feature facilitates a highly targeted marketing approach by providing location-specific discounts or promotions.

A retail company can generate an H5 page QR code or a URL QR code for each store location and offer discounts or promotions unique to each store branch.

This targeted approach improves customer engagement, encourages purchase decisions, and increases store foot traffic.

To create a custom dynamic QR code for a specific location for free, you can sign up for a QR TIGER freemium account. You’ll get three dynamic QR codes, each with a 500-scan limit.

Access control to educational resources

Geofence-enabled dynamic file QR codes enable educational institutions to limit access to online or digital resources like published books, articles, or research papers.

These codes grant access to scanners within the area of a specific campus, preventing unauthorized access from outsiders and securing their resources.

For example, the school library can implement QR code-based access to resources. Students can only access a particular research paper when they are in the library. 

This system provides enhanced security, allowing educational institutions to manage access to educational resources effectively and efficiently.

Provide hospital forms

PANTHERx Rare Pharmacy’s initiative to attach customized QR codes aims to provide patients with prescription labels for their medication.

There are endless possibilities for the healthcare industry to use QR codes. One of which is providing patients with hospital forms QR codes.

Medical staff can use unique QR codes for different forms to allow patients to access and complete necessary paperwork using their smartphones.

The geofencing technology ensures that patients can only access the QR codes within a specific hospital, preventing unauthorized access to the forms.

This system offers convenience, efficiency, and data accuracy that benefit patients and hospital staff. This time-saving method eliminates the need for manual paper-based forms and reduces administrative workload.

Picture this. A hospital can use geofence-enabled QR codes to streamline the registration process using Google Form QR codes, allowing patients to access the registration form using their smartphones within the hospital premises.

Patients benefit from a streamlined and convenient process, while hospitals can save resources, improve administrative efficiency, ensure data accuracy, and reduce their environmental impact.

This innovative approach transforms how hospitals handle forms, creating a more efficient and patient-centric healthcare experience.

QR TIGER’s GPS feature: Transforming your business and marketing strategies

QR TIGER’s GPS QR code tracking goes beyond pinpointing the scanner’s location. It also allows precise boundary scanning, perfect for marketers, businesses, and organizations requiring strict access control or geo-fencing capabilities.

QR TIGER understands the privacy concerns of some individuals regarding QR code tracking. This is why all scanners are required to give their consent first before sharing their location.

With this, people can choose not to have their location tracked upon scanning the QR code. 

Dynamic QR codes are your gateway to reaching your geographically dispersed target market and implementing new systems to improve business efficiency.

They provide comprehensive analytics and real-time tracking for accurate monitoring and analysis.

And combined with the software’s intuitive interface, a wide range of advanced features, and enterprise-level performance, you can ensure a seamless and precise GPS tracking experience with QR TIGER.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to maximize productivity or a marketer needing a reliable navigation tool, QR TIGER’s GPS-enabled dynamic QR codes are the perfect solution.

Embrace the power of QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code generator and unlock a new era of location-based possibilities by signing up for our affordable subscription plans.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a QR code for my GPS?

You can use a QR code software to create a fully-customized QR code with a logo for your exact location. You can opt for the URL QR code or location QR code.

The URL QR code embeds the location link from Google Maps, while the location QR code embeds the location’s longitude and latitude.

The QR code takes the scanners to Google Maps or other mapping services on the scanner’s smartphone.

Can QR codes be tracked by GPS?

When people save your QR code as an image on their devices and scan it, you can track the QR code based on the scanning location.

With the GPS tracking feature, the system records the QR code scan location precisely when the scanner allows access to its location.

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