QR Code API: Connect your CRM with QR TIGER

Update:  May 17, 2023
QR Code API: Connect your CRM with QR TIGER

QR TIGER's QR Code API is powerful and robust enough to be integrated into an in-house system, CRM, or ERP.

Our API enabled you to create custom-designed QR codes that can be tracked and updated, and it's powerful enough for major brands to use on a global scale.

QR codes are popping up everywhere and have proven to be a great tool for omnichannel marketing. Connecting offline channels to online channels has never been easier with QR codes.

For small businesses, integrating QR codes within your marketing is as easy as signing up for a paid account.

But for businesses with operations that span across cities (if not countries), integrating QR codes within your CRM is easy with our QR code API.

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QR code API for branded QR codes

qr code api Create customized QR code templates that you can use for all your campaigns

Creating customized and branded QR codes with our API is fast and easy.

You can make a QR code that matches your branding, packaging, or any marketing material.

Branded QR codes can improve scans by up to 30%.

The key reason? Your audience will be able to associate your QR code with your brand compared to traditional black-and-white QR codes which don't convey a feeling of safety and trust.

Our QR code API is easy to use. And our support staff are ready to assist you along the way or if you are getting started.

Best Practices in Getting Started with our QR code API

Use the right content behind your QR code

The right content behind your QR code is essential for the success of your campaign.

If you add a QR code on your packaging design then a short informative video (<30 sec) would be a great way to engage as well as inform your target audience.

You can also link your QR code to your website or social media pages. But the more engaging the content you will redirect the user to, the better.

By doing this, you can make every scan a worthwhile experience for your users.

With creating an intuitive scan experience, you can impress scanners by integrating the use of augmented reality to show the information to them.

Track scans and analytics

qr code api track scans
If you are all about seeing results, creating dynamic QR codes is the way to go.

Our QR code API allows you to create dynamic QR codes that can be tracked in terms of where, when, and which device was used to scan the code.

Other essential data include:

  • Unique clicks
  • Visits
  • Number of total scans
  • Unique visitors
  • Average scans per day
  • Location of scans.
  • Device type (iPhone/Android)

With dynamic QR codes, you will be able to gauge how effective your QR codes are.

Using our API, you can check the status of your campaigns, build in-house dashboards with the data you get, and continuously improve.

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Design Principles

We recommend a set of design guidelines to make sure the QR codes you generate from our QR code API can be scanned by most if not all smartphones.

Avoid these QR code mistakes and follow these best practices in generating QR codes in print ads.

The concepts are easy to remember:

  • Never use light colors in your QR code eyes and patterns
  • Make sure the background is lighter than your QR code pattern
  • Never use a black background on white patterns
  • Make sure to print at the best QR code size

Follow these practices and you will save your target audience a lot of time and frustrations.

QR code API features: What you Get

Dynamic QR Code Generatorqr code api and static vs dynamic qr codeFor serious marketing campaigns, QR codes for packaging, or any use case that involves distributing the material to consumers - our dynamic QR code API endpoint is the best.

You can update/edit the data behind your QR code marketing campaign.

For example, today you can redirect your QR code to one page and then update your URL to another page (even if your QR code is already printed).

This saves you time and money since you never need to reprint flyers or update any consumer product out there.

Dynamic QR codes are super useful for any business.

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Static QR Code Generator

If you need a single QR code, we also have a Static QR code API endpoint.

With our endpoint, you can generate customized static QR codes you can use anywhere.

The downside to using static QR codes however is that you can't update the data behind your QR code once you generate it.

Make sure to read our guide on static vs dynamic QR code before you use your QR code in business-critical areas.

Bulk QR codes

Through our bulk QR code generator, you can generate and update your QR codes all at once.

Even if you have thousands of items in inventory, you can create all the QR codes you need in one go.

Do you need QR codes with similar-looking design, except that every QR code is unique? You can do it with our API.

This use case is great for events, packaging design, or online stores.

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Create your QR code with QR TIGER for a fast and easy QR code API integration

The digital transformation is progressing at a fast pace.

Using our QR code API for your company is fast and easy.

Make branded QR codes, track your campaigns, and integrate our QR code API within your CRM.

Our servers span worldwide, even in more restricted areas such as China.

QR codes are popping up everywhere, and adoption rates are growing exponentially now that you don't even need to download an app to scan a QR code.

More and more social media apps already have a built-in scanner. Even cameras are equipped with scanning features as well.

Check out our docs, or contact support. If you have more questions about our QR code API, you can contact us now for more information. 

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