How to Use QR Codes for Home Repairs and Maintenance Business

Update:  August 17, 2023
How to Use QR Codes for Home Repairs and Maintenance Business

Marketing home repairs and maintenance businesses are made easy using QR codes.

This smart tech tool allows handyman businesses and home cleaning service providers to reach more customers.

Home improvement niches face a lot of competition, and standing out is harder than ever.

This industry has relied heavily on advertisements in local yellow pages to bring in business. 

However, in this digital age, many home improvement business owners are forced to look for different marketing channels, such as having a presence on social media, online directories, and review sites.

Aside from using these marketing channels, you can use other technology like QR codes to thrive on digital marketing leads and grow your home maintenance and improvement business.

Savvy companies use QR codes as part of the digital marketing mix.

Running a home improvement business can be costly; that is why you have to invest in technology with a high probability of getting a return on investment.

With QR codes, you can target those customers who are mobile users and drive them to your website or give them valuable content like a video of how your company can help in maintaining their homes.

Why do you need to use QR codes for home repairs and maintenance businesses?

In this mobile-centric era, more consumers are accessing information on the internet via their smartphone devices.

It is high time to use technology like QR codes that cater to mobile users and to connect customers from offline to online space by a simple scan on their smartphones.

QR code technology has smart solutions that address the gap in having interactive content in your marketing strategies and in digitizing your marketing materials to meet the ever-changing consumer habits.

It is cost-efficient and scalable as your business can flexibly use QR codes both in offline and online materials.

It makes QR code tracking fast and easy with its ability to give you QR code data based on the analytics when you create a dynamic QR code. 

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How to create QR codes for home maintenance service business

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Select the type of QR code you need for your home improvement business
  • Enter the corresponding data for the particular QR code solution
  • Generate a dynamic QR code to edit and track your QR code scans
  • Customize your QR code
  • Scan test if it redirects to the correct data
  • Download and deploy

QR code solutions to increase the client base of home repairs and maintenance business

1. Dynamic URL QR code home repairs to promote your website

Increasing your web traffic means more chances of getting prospects and leads.

A QR code solution you can use is the dynamic URL QR code.

This allows you to redirect your customers to your business website by scanning the code on their smartphones.

Using a dynamic QR code type is recommended in generating your URL QR code so you can change the URL even after printing. 

This is ideal for marketing purposes as you can redirect your customers to another landing page on your website where you want to boost more web visitors.

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2. QR code on marketing materials: Add a digital element to your brochures, flyers, etc.

Print collaterals are also important in marketing your business.

You can integrate QR codes to add a digital element in designing your brochures, flyers, and other print collaterals. 

It also declutters your print material as you don’t have to put all the information in the text.

You can embed additional information in the QR code.

This also connects your customers offline to online by scanning the QR code.

You can use a file QR code to convert a PDF document, an audio file, a video, or even an image into a QR code.

Since the file QR code solution is dynamic, you can redirect your QR code content (for instance, a PDF document) into another type of content, such as an image or audio file. 

It makes your collaterals more engaging and interactive as customers can scan the code and access more valuable content.

You can keep the information you embed in the printed QR codes updated by generating QR codes in dynamic form.

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3. QR code customer feedback form

Homeowners are strongly influenced by customer feedback in terms of choosing a home improvement provider. 

That is why getting customer feedback is vital to ensure that more customers can see how credible and reliable your business is.

To improve your business and to get useful responses from your customers, you can use feedback form QR code. 

You can create your form via Google, Microsoft, or any other feedback survey form software.

Then copy the URL of the form and convert it into a dynamic URL QR code.

Printing a manual feedback form that takes time to transport the details into your database is not needed.

Your customers will no longer have to type a URL as they can instantly fill in the online form on their phones. 

You can measure if your feedback from QR code is being scanned by users by tracking the number of scans and other QR code data like the device used in scanning.

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4. QR codes in emails

QR codes can make your email marketing more interactive and personalized. 

You can add a coupon QR code or do some contests using QR codes in your emails to your customers.

A coupon QR code, once scanned, will display the coupon they can redeem online.

You can convert the specific URL of the coupon you want to send out into a URL QR code.

If you have many coupons, you can use the bulk URL QR code solution, so you don’t have to create a QR code one by one.

If you are sending out an event invite, you can add a QR code to check in the event venue as they arrive. 

You can convert a Google Form into a Google Form QR code that guests can fill out to check in. 

5. Social media QR code for handyman businesses

Social media marketing should be part of your digital marketing mix. It widens your reach to prospects and is a good channel to keep your customers updated on your business.

That being said, a QR code solution to boost your online presence is the link in the Bio QR code

It houses and links all your social media profiles/e-commerce apps in one landing page.

If your handyman business has a business account on an online marketplace, you can copy its URL along with your social media pages and convert it into a social media QR code.

When customers scan the code, they will be redirected to a landing page that shows your entire social media accounts, making it easier for them to view and follow your social media platforms.

Another alternative for social media QR codes is dynamic URL QR codes.

For example, if you want to boost the online presence of your TaskRabbit account, you can simply convert it into a TaskRabbit QR code.

6. Video QR code for home repairs companies to deliver informational content

Video marketing is becoming a trend nowadays as it appeals to customers’ senses and catches their attention. This tool is also easy to consume instead of reading long product/ service descriptions.

You can make a video explaining your offered services and convert it into a video QR code.

You can print it with traditional print materials such as flyers or posters.

Since video QR code is dynamic, you can easily change the content of the QR code. You can simply edit the QR code if you want to redirect it to another video.

7. App Store QR code

If you aim to boost more app users, you can promote your home repair or maintenance app using an app store QR code.

This solution is in the dynamic form of a QR code. It redirects your customers after scanning to different URLs based on whether the device is running an Android OS or Apple’s iOS to download/install your app.

They don’t have to search in the app store for the name of their service app to download it.

8. Promotions and contests using scan-based multi-URL QR code

Another exciting QR code solution for promotional strategies is the multi-URL QR code using the number of scan feature.

For example, you can create a contest using a QR code in which the first ten scanners can win a discount on a specific home repair service.

To do this, you must generate many scan-based multi-URL QR codes.

This will lead the first ten scanners to a webpage where they can fill up their basic information and get a verification in which they can present to get the prize.

Then after a certain number of scans based on what you have set up, it will go back to the company’s page (start URL), where it has other home service offers.

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Why should you use dynamic QR codes for home repairs and maintenance business marketing?

QR code is more than just a tech tool for seamlessly transferring information via mobile phone.

It can redirect a landing page into another one, and you can even track the number of scans, the location of scanners, and the device used.

Like traditional marketing activities, it is still important to measure and track the success of QR codes.

Generating a dynamic QR code instead of a static one allows you to track QR code scans and edit the content embedded in the code even after printing it.

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Editing your QR codes

In case of mistakes, or if you want to redirect your customers to another type of content, just click on the QR code tracking data to edit your QR code.

Afterward, you can go to your campaign and click the ‘edit data’ button to replace the file. 

Tracking your QR codes using the best QR code generator for home repair companies

You can do it with a dynamic QR code if you want to track the scans of the QR codes.

By tracking the QR code, you will know the demographics of the scanners, the device they are using to scan the QR code displayed online or offline, and the number of scans.

To evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness, you can download the CSV file of your QR code data.

QR codes for business use: Real-life examples of how home repairs and maintenance companies use QR codes

1. A-Team Home Improvements

A Team Home Improvements use dynamic URL QR code to take their customers or scanners to their company’s website.

 As a result, the company increases its web traffic from mobile users.

2. Renaissance Conservatories

Renaissance Conservatories, a team of conservatory, greenhouse, and custom skylight design professionals, uses QR codes in their marketing by printing them on their postcard mailers.

3. P.J. Fitzpatrick in Neward, Del uses QR code repair ad

P.J. Pitzpatrick, one of the top names of home improvement companies, uses QR codes in an electronic ad for its repair services.

It was displayed in the Philadelphia public transit system, where passers-by can easily see and scan the QR code.

In their posting on another website called Whereorg, P.J. Pitzpatrick also uses a vCard that contains their contact information.

When scanned, a person can easily save their contact details on the phone.

QR codes from the best QR code generator software: A new way to connect with homeowners and grow your home improvement business

QR codes are becoming an important part of digital marketing in promoting your business to tech-savvy homeowners and property managers.

It helps your business generate more leads, engage your customers, and nurture existing clients with engaging and valuable content.

Thus, it is high time to use QR codes in your home repairs and maintenance business to give your customers a unique way to connect with your brand. 

Contact us now for more information about using QR codes for your home improvement business.

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