How to generate a document QR code for your word file

Last updated:   September 20, 2022

A document QR code generator is a software wherein users can create a QR Code containing different documents.

The document can either be a PowerPoint presentation, a Word file, an Excel file, a Pdf, or Jpeg.

As the user scans the QR code, it displays the specific type of document to the scanner’s smartphone device.

You should generate your files into a document QR code for several reasons.

It transfers information directly to the users; it provides a contactless way of sharing an essential file at any service portal that a person can use in any multi-facet of services.

At present, everyone around the globe has their own mobile device.

Using a QR code for a document is good because all information can be accessed quickly by using a smartphone.

Want to know how to generate Document QR codes? Read more to learn more.

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What is a Document QR Code?

Documents are important because they contain confidential information about an agreement, a contract, a transaction, business reports, and many more. 

By sharing documents and making them convenient to the accredited personnel, the user can generate them into a QR code to make them paperless.

qr code document

A Document QR code embeds information of different types of files or documents. The user can generate them using a QR code generator online.

It is one of the several types of QR Codes, and this is one of the easiest ways to share a document.

What is a QR Code?

A quick response code, mainly known as a QR code, is a two-dimensional barcode containing information, images, videos, files, and many more.

A Denso Wave engineer Masahiro Hara invents it in the year 1994. Its design is to allow high-speed component scanning.

what is qr code generate a document

Two types of QR codes for your document

QR codes have multiple solutions for a piece of specific information you want to present to your target viewers.

It could be a video QR code, a document QR code, a URL QR code, a social media QR code, and many more.

However, a user can generate these codes into two types: Static or Dynamic QR codes.

Static QR Code (not editable in content and not trackable)

When the user converts their document into a Static QR code, the data that the user embeds into the QR code is not changeable and will lead the scanner to permanent information.

static qr code document

A Static QR code is a kind of QR Code that a user can’t update and cannot track its data. It’s free, but the user can no longer change the data embedded into your QR code.

But on the other hand, the number of scans this type of QR code provides is unlimited, and it will never expire.

Dynamic QR Code (editable in content and trackable)

When the user converts their document into a Dynamic QR code, the data they store in the QR code is changeable.

Therefore, the user can redirect his QR code content to another content at any time of the day. 

The user can track its scanning activity, such as when your QR code gets the most scans and the location of your scanners.

dynamic qr code

This type of QR code is not free, but the QR code’s features are way better because the user can update and track the data (ideal for marketers and businessmen) that he embeds on it.

Even when the user prints the QR code, he can still change the data.

How to generate QR codes for documents

A user can choose between three types of QR Code solutions to generate a Document QR Code. (1) File QR Code, (2) URL QR Code, and (3) Bulk QR Code. And each solution has a different function.

Generate using a File QR Code Solution

This type of QR code allows a user to generate a QR Code for his files such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP4, Excel, Word, and many more.

file url document

These files are the documents that are saved on a computer. And since this QR code is Dynamic, the user can monitor the data embedded into the QR Code.

The user can also change the data he stores in the QR code.

Six easy steps on how to generate a Document QR code using the File QR code solution

  • Open a QR Code Generator website like QRTIGER QR Code Generator with Logo.
  • Select File QR code solution.
  • Upload your file and generate the Dynamic QR code.
  • Customize your QR code design by choosing patterns and eyes, adding a logo, and setting colors.
  • Scan a test to make sure it works properly.
  • Download, then disseminate.

Generate Documents QR code using the URL QR Code solution 

url qr code document

This type of QR Code Solution is useful to convert a document that a user saved online to Google Drive for instance.

The user only needs to copy the link to the URL QR code to generate their online file.

Seven steps on how to Generate a Document QR Code using the URL QR Code Solution

  • Open a QR Code Generator website like QRTIGER QR Code Generator with Logo.
  • Select URL QR code solution.
  • Copy the URL from the location of your file.
  • Choose a QR Code type. (Either static QR code or static QR code.)
  • Personalize your QR code design by choosing patterns and eyes, adding a logo, and setting colors.
  • Do a scan test to make sure it works properly.
  • Download, then disseminate.

Generate using Bulk URL QR Codes solution

Bulk URL QR codes allow you to generate various and multiple documents online in one go.

Therefore, if you have many documents online that you need to convert into a QR code, you don’t need to generate them individually.

bulk qrcode

The use of a Bulk QR code is to ease the creation of QR codes in a short period.

Click to download the CSV template for the bulk URL QR code.

Here’s how to Generate Bulk URL QR Codes.

  • Open the downloaded template
  • Input the URLs under “qrUrl”
  • After editing, save it as CSV File.
  • Open QRTIGER QR Code Generator with Logo website.
  • Then click Bulk QR and upload the CSV file from your computer.
  • Change the type of QR code into Dynamic QR from Static QR.
  • Then generate bulk QR.
  • Click done, and a zip file will download into your computer with the specific QR codes containing different websites ready to use.

How to put a password to your document QR code

QRTIGER QR Code Generator with Logo online helps the users keep their files safe by placing a password for every confidential document they generate.

Then the user will only share these passwords with those authorized individuals.

qr code password document

Here are some easy steps to follow on how to put a password to your QR Code:

  • After generating a Dynamic QR Code, proceed to “Track Data.”
  • Click on the padlock icon.
  • Enable your password by unchecking the disable checkbox.
  • Input your desired password.
  • Then, save.

Who can benefit from the use of Document QR Codes?

Educational Institution

The COVID19 pandemic has affected the education sector due to its continuous spread. 

The pandemic affects not only the teaching for the learners but also involves several assessments and examinations.

Its impact on the students, schools, colleges, and universities has been challenging, affecting over 800 million learners worldwide.

However, today’s technology has played a significant role in knowledge and information dissemination to students.

qr code educational institution

On the other hand, QR codes contribute several advantages in the educational sector that can help instructors quickly release their modules and other learning materials.

Document QR code helps the school faculty send and retrieve their modules, easy access to their school website during enrollment, and smooth access to their grades after finals.

Administrative and Executive Offices

Before the COVID19 pandemic, government officials sent and retrieved administrative documents by hand carry.

These documents include an invitation to tender, agreements, resumes, resolutions, sworn statements, and other official invitations.

administrative and executive offices

Hand-carrying a document takes a lot of time and effort; they need to print these documents, so it also costs money.

However, they can save money and time using Document QR codes to send those documents. 

It’s also safe for the person to send the papers because he no longer needs to travel. 

The authorized person can send document QR codes through email and chats.


Document QR codes have several benefits when it comes to a business.

However, when sharing a document through QR codes, only some people know how to use it.

Whether your office document or a business inventory record, these documents are secured and safe using a QR code.

Several business documents such as invoice numbers, repair records, employment contracts, and accounting documents can be accessed easily using a QR Code.

financial report documents

Therefore, document QR codes contribute a huge role for businesses to share their enterprise documents and market their products and services efficiently by scanning a QR code from their smartphone devices that redirects them to the business's website and other information.

Legislative Agency

The legislative agency holds measures, hearings, committee prints, committee reports, floor debates, conference reports, and public laws.

These documents are susceptible and confidential, so they need further safety handling so that they won’t be misplaced or put into the hands of others.

Also, due to insufficient movement, lawyers have problems going to offices to get a copy of summons or notices. And the continuous spread of the deadly COVID-19 makes the legislative offices limit their number of visitors.

legislative agency qr code

Document QR codes enable legislative transactions to go faster and easier since they contain information that can be accessed easily by simply scanning the QR code from their smartphone devices.

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Advantages of QR Codes

Minimize expenses

Since sending and retrieving a hardcopy document and printing modules cost money, why not create a copy on your computer, upload your file and generate a document QR code in a dynamic form?

And when you’re done, download it and send it to your students, officemates, or whoever you want to share your document with. 

In just one scan from their smartphones, the online document will be downloaded automatically to their smartphones.

It saves your time and effort

it saves your time and effort

One good thing about using QR Codes for a document is that it saves your time and effort. You no longer need to open your computer to open a file. One QR code is all you need.

Whether you are on your vacation with your loved ones or relaxing in the comfort of your home, you no longer need to be stressed out because a document QR code has your back.

The QRTIGER QR Code generator makes sending and retrieving files easy.

Environmentally friendly

A QR code has a lot of advantages. It saves not just your time and effort, but it also protects the planet.

QR codes can help reduce paper consumption by allowing users to encode as much information as he wants by changing printed documents into digital copies using QR codes.

Safety measures can be applied.

Since COVID-19 is a deadly disease, everyone needs to apply safety measures.

People need to calm down and stay at home to prevent infection and slow the transmission of this deadly virus.

But how can they do this when modules are only picked up from school?

A good thing Denso Wave engineer Masahiro Hara invented QR Codes in 1994. QR codes were designed to allow high-speed component scanning.

QR codes can be beneficial for instructors and also for everyone engaged in document-related work.

Why use Dynamic QR Code?

Dynamic QR code is an excellent and adjustable QR code specially created as a new-age marketing tool to target customers while keeping things entertaining and engaging.

Document QR codes are editable in content using a Dynamic QR 

qr code scans are editable

When using a Dynamic type of QR code, the user can update the data embedded into the QR code even if the QR code is already printed. 

QR code scans are trackable

Using a Dynamic QR code allows the user to track the number of scans, the location, and the device being used.

qr code scans are trackable

Use a QRTIGER's Document QR Code Generator 

Today, technology is taking over most of society; it is right to use Document QR Codes to share one’s file.

Because aside from the fact that it allows us to share a file freely and safely from the danger of the deadly COVID-19 that we face today, it also saves time and effort and minimizes the cost.

Generating a Document QR Code with QRTIGER allows the users to create various types of QR codes, but it also enables them to create their style and simultaneously enables them to track the data that’s implanted into their QR Codes.

Create your Document QR Code with QRTIGER today!

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