Electronic Menu Restaurant: The Difference Between Self-Ordering Kiosk and Interactive Restaurant Menu

Update:  September 19, 2023
Electronic Menu Restaurant: The Difference Between Self-Ordering Kiosk and Interactive Restaurant Menu

Technological improvements have resulted in useful innovations for the restaurant operations. An electronic menu restaurant is a technological advancement which assists in serving and catering to the growing number of clients in a restaurant at the same time.

QR codes have exploded in popularity as a way to scale up restaurant operations. However, another method for offering a novel approach at restaurant operations is self-ordering kiosks.

Both technologies strive to make it simple and frictionless for diners to trade within a restaurant. Furthermore, it aims to improve the restaurant industry’s business operations.

So, what is an interactive restaurant menu QR code software and a self-ordering kiosk?

Interactive restaurant menu QR code software vs. Self-ordering kiosk

Interactive restaurant menu QR code software and self-ordering kiosk are both electronic menus for restaurant. They offer a technology that lets customers to order their own meals without calling a staff.

Moreover, these innovations maximize restaurant productivity with less human resource.

So, how do we distinguish what is an interactive restaurant menu QR code software and a self-ordering kiosk?

Interactive restaurant menu QR code software

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software helps the restaurant industry run business operations smoothly with a QR code ordering system.

It provides an end-to-end service provider solution which offers seamless operations while creating a customized digital menu. Moreover, the digital menu generated by this software is scannable and accessible by the customers via QR-customized codes.Electronic menuRestaurants can customize their digital menu QR code with a logo and help them reinforce its branding identity by personalizing the menu QR code with the chosen color palette, logo, and a call-to-action statement.

This software can also help improve your restaurant’s online presence and catering to customers’ needs simultaneously. Restaurants can design and custom-build their online ordering page, which is easy to use for better customer experience and faster ordering process.

It helps restaurants monitor orders in the dashboard, receive customer feedback, and accept payments through online payment integrations.

Using interactive restaurant menu software, you can cross-sell and upsell food items to grow your sales.

You can run promotions to engage your new customers and to keep them coming back to your restaurants. 

Overall, the best electronic restaurant menu is more than just software; it’s a partner of restaurants of all sizes in achieving the desired business results with a QR code ordering system.

Self-ordering kiosk

On the other hand, a self-ordering kiosk gives access to customers to order and pay by themselves using a machine. It is an easy-to-use touchscreen digital interface system that lets customers order up and pay using a tablet or a big kiosk screen. The screen displays the restaurant’s menu with specific food descriptions for every food meal.Self ordering kioskCustomers can quickly come up in front of the kiosk, tap the screen to place their orders, and proceed in paying by the cashier or thru e-banking. The booth also offers add-ons that can be a good pair for their original meal choice.

However, a self-ordering kiosk is not COVID-19 safe since customers touch the same screen in order. Thus, it does not help in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.

Distinctions of self-ordering kiosk vs interactive restaurant menu

Here are some distinctions of a self-ordering kiosk and an interactive restaurant menu.

As to the ordering process

Using an interactive restaurant menu allows for a more efficient and reliable ordering process at your establishment. It allows diners to scan a QR code on a menu without leaving their seats. They don’t have to wait in line to place an order, and they don’t have to mingle with other diners, who may be nervous, especially during a pandemic. Hence, it is a perfect tool for restaurants to offer a QR code ordering system to fast-track business operations.Digital menuSelf-ordering kiosks, on the other hand, allow restaurant patrons to wait and place their orders individually using a tablet or large screen. This may appear to be risky because the contact virus might be spread from one finger tap to the next when ordering meals at the same kiosk.

As to the usage of hardware

Self-ordering kiosks allow customers to place orders more quickly since they allow them to do so on their own. Restaurants, on the other hand, will need to purchase a large screen kiosk to install inside their establishment, which will take up valuable space.

On the other hand, an interactive restaurant menu saves space. The restaurant can display QR menus at each table, allowing customers to scan the code and access the digital menu on their phones. Most significantly, the restaurant may use their restaurant’s handy tablet and iPad to track and monitor the orders that have been placed.

As to technical support

In the event of a hardware breakdown, a self-ordering kiosk will require onsite assistance, which could take a long time to repair. The owner of a restaurant should plan a technical support call for their self-ordering kiosk.

A self-serving kiosk's technical support may be costly, as they must still attend to the malfunction on site.An interactive restaurant menu, on the other hand, allows restaurant owners and staff to easily fix any system failure issues without the need of intense web coding and onsite repair.

Furthermore, if there is only a minor issue with a QR menu, you may contact the technical support staff of your interactive restaurant menu software to troubleshoot the issue using recommended guidelines and a simple interface that does not require web coding.

As to  your customer needs

Self-ordering kiosk works well with quick-service diners and fast-food chains. These food establishments frequently cater to a lot of customers per hour, thus, a self-ordering kiosk is efficient for their business operations.

Moreover, a self-ordering kiosk is not restaurant-friendly since it cannot be integrated into a fine dining restaurant.

On the other hand, an interactive restaurant menu is a flexible software that can be used in any food and restaurant establishment. Moreover, restaurant owners can customize their interactive restaurant menu according to their restaurant personality and branding.

Why your restaurant should use an electronic menu restaurant system?

Using an electronic menu restaurant system can help your business run more smoothly. Furthermore, it offers special advantages that might assist your restaurant in attracting more guests, resulting in increased sales and income.

Here are some of the benefits of a restaurant menu system with an electronic menu.

Online menus are safer and customer-friendly

Restaurant owners are always looking out for the best interests of their diners. The digital use of an online menu provides a safer interaction between restaurant staff and customers.

As a result of the troubles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, some customers tend to look for safe, healthy, and customer-friendly establishments where they can comfortably dine in. Significantly, the use of an online menu adheres to the social distancing protocol as well as other health restrictions.

The use of an online menu allows for a more secure and customer-friendly engagement between employees and customers.

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Digital menus are easy to update and change

Being on trend with new menu recipes will undoubtedly help your restaurant attract new clients, resulting in increased sales and revenue.Editable menuYou may update and replace your digital menus at any time with an electronic restaurant menu system. As your business evolves, you’ll be able to update your unique QR menu with new menu concepts.

Furthermore, with an electronic restaurant menu system, updating and modifying menu recipes is easier and more cost-effective.

Ordering process is efficient

Using an electronic restaurant menu system lets your restaurant run an efficient ordering process for potential customers.

The program allows you to run your restaurant operations smoothly and present your potential clients with an effective ordering experience. The adoption of a QR-powered menu improves your restaurant’s ordering operations.

After being seated comfortably inside a restaurant, customers can put their orders immediately.

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Data-driven to come up with smart business decisions

Customers’ preferences can be used to collect data analytics for your restaurant. These data will assist your business in devising new approaches to strengthen its relationship with repeat consumers.

Electronic restaurant menu

An electronic restaurant menu system also allows you to track sales and earnings. Conduct a strategic analysis to boost your company’s growth.

Easy integration with existing POS system

Integrating with an existing POS system is also beneficial to a restaurant’s ability to operate operations smoothly.Restaurant pos systemThe POS (point of sale) system ensures that your restaurant’s turnover increases. Customers will have a reduced wait time, and your restaurant will be able to manage orders more quickly thanks to the use of an online ordering website.

As a result, your restaurant’s operations will be motivated to save more time and energy, eliminate order errors, and avoid failures in the ordering process.

Digital menus help in upselling and cross-selling menu items

As a cross-selling technique for your restaurant, offer meal options to go with the best-selling dishes.

You can include a promotions section on your digital menu where you can highlight your most popular and best-selling menu recipes. You’re upselling your customers’ favorite meals to other diners in this way.

Furthermore, using the obtained contact information of consumers, your restaurant can execute email campaigns retargeting regular customers to promote and upsell new menu recipes inside your restaurant.

To completely comprehend the optimization of your sales, digital menus assist in upselling and cross-selling menu items.

Offers mobile payment integrations

Restaurant owners can adopt a cashless transaction by allowing diners to choose from a variety of payment options.Menu mobile paymentYou have the option of integrating any means of payment with your electronic menu restaurant system. Customers will have more alternatives for paying for their orders as a result of this. As a result, it gives the appearance that your restaurant is becoming more technologically advanced.

It is critical for a restaurant to have mobile payment interfaces in order to receive payments from consumers in a simple manner.

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Can manage multiple store branches in one account

Business investors can use one account to manage several retail branches of their restaurant.manage multiple store branches in one accountYou don’t need to set up various electronic menu restaurant systems to handle your different branches because you can do it with only one account. You can choose a focal person or administrator to oversee a branch and provide other employees access to its dashboard.

MENU TIGER: An electronic menu restaurant system

MENU TIGER makes it simple and affordable to create a customized QR menu and an online ordering page for a restaurant. A custom-built website boosts your restaurant’s internet presence.

Furthermore, MENU TIGER helps you run an efficient restaurant operation without requiring you to hire a large number of employees.

This QR menu software is both dependable and simple to use. You don’t need to engage a separate developer to code your online ordering page anymore. Your restaurant will no longer have to spend money on a website or pay monthly costs for other software.

Since MENU TIGER is part of QRTIGER, one of the best QR code generators, it allows you to create a personalized QR menu with MENU TIGER QR menu software. Customers will scan the menu QR code in their table to place their orders and pay. MENU TIGER offers a taste of luxury at a reasonable price.

Restaurants can easily integrate their existing POS systems to MENU TIGER to expedite the recording of sales transactions and to centralize all the information.

How to create your electronic menu for your restaurant using MENU TIGER

Here are the steps in creating an electronic menu for your restaurant using MENU TIGER.

1. Go to MENU TIGER and create an account for your restaurant business.Menu QR code software

2. Proceed creating your store.

5. Set up the digital menu by adding categories and creating its respective food list with distinct modifiers and allergen information tabs.

6. Custom-built the restaurant’s website to expand an online presence.Create electronic menu

7. Set up payment integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and cash.Menu tiger payment integration

8. Track and monitor orders in the MENU TIGER dashboard to fulfill your customers’ meal orders.Track restaurant order

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How does a restaurant's electronic menu ordering payment system works?

MENU TIGER is an electronic restaurant menu system that upscales your restaurant operations by providing reasonably priced and advanced restaurant menu systems.

Additionally, MENU TIGER’s essential features can update your restaurant’s operations, enhancing your competitive digital menu and order fulfillment system features.

Moreover, MENU TIGER also has Stripe and PayPal connectors for online payments. This payment connection allows diners and the business to conduct a safe and secure cashless transaction.

MENU TIGER with Clover and Revel POS integration

MENU TIGER has a CLOVER POS integration that improves the ordering fulfillment system and payment method of your restaurant.

This CLOVER POS integration lets you manage your restaurant business in real-time. It has a sales tracking and reporting feature for your restaurant to look into and study during meetings. In this way, collecting your analytics will aid you in strategizing your marketing technique to prosper.

Moreover, most customers opt to pay for orders through e-banking. It is essential that MENU TIGER offers mobile payment integrations which provide convenient way of receiving payments from customers in one POS integration.

Thus, providing any mode of payment is convenient and efficient for you as a restaurateur and also for your potential customers.

The CLOVER integration of MENU TIGER will help you take your payment method in a different level while monitoring your sales and revenues in one dashboard.

Run your restaurant business with the best electronic restaurant menu today!

Electronic restaurant menu systems and self-ordering kiosks are becoming increasingly prevalent. Attending and serving guests during and after a pandemic is very frequent in the restaurant industry.

An electronic restaurant menu system can assist the food business industry the most because it provides endless benefits in operating business operations while also ensuring a customer-friendly relationship between employees and diners.

Thus, MENU TIGER is your partner in growing your food business because it provides benefits in catering to the greatest interests of your consumers inside your restaurant.

Contact us right now to learn more about MENU TIGER.


What is an electronic menu?

An electronic menu, or a digital menu, is a digital version of a restaurant's printed or traditional menu. It is displayed on an electronic or device like smartphones or digital boards.

Just like the printed menu, customers can see all the available dishes on the electronic menu.

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