How to Increase Your Business Presence Online Using QR Codes

Update:  August 09, 2023
How to Increase Your Business Presence Online Using QR Codes

Maximizing business presence online has been one of the strategies that many businesses turned into when the pandemic took a hit on the global economy, forcing us to adapt to the new normal ways.

With consumers resorting more to grocery shopping and purchasing most of their goods online amid pandemic restrictions, entrepreneurs have come to embrace the digital phenomenon of online buying even more.

Statista reports that as internet access and adoption are rapidly growing worldwide, the number of digital buyers keeps climbing every year. 

With that being said, many online businesses and e-commerce websites are starting to surge, making a huge leap toward maximizing online business.

QR code for business growth: Increase your business presence online using QR code technology

Promoting safety and convenience among customers has been one of the main priorities for most entrepreneurs in the new normal setup.

To make business transactions with customers more seamless while providing speed and safety to them, the digital technology that will probably ring a bell today to you today and are very symbolic- is the QR code technology.

QR codes will take scanners to online information once scanned using smartphone devices.

So how are these codes used to alleviate and maximize online businesses?

Which businesses need a QR code?

Businesses and marketers alike have found various ways to optimize the use of seemingly incomprehensible matrix codes.

Pharmaceuticals, FMCG companies, restaurants, apparel brands, construction, and e-commerce businesses are using QR codes to boost their online presence and reach more customers.

Online shopping

Billboard QR code

According to supermarket reports, the growth of online grocery has surged amid the global health crisis. Studies have shown that 43% of buyers shopped online in the last six months compared to 24% two years ago.

For instance, Hero Stores have also learned to embrace QR codes in their business.

When a customer inside the store is interested in an item, the store associate can look for the Hero app’s product and present a unique QR code to the buyer.

The buyer then scans the QR code using their mobile gadgets in a contactless manner.

Once the QR code is scanned, shoppers are taken directly to the product web page of the store, where they can browse and purchase after leaving (should they want to.)

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Lead scanners to online discounts

Coupon QR code

One way you can increase your business presence online using QR codes for discounts!

You can definitely make surprises for your customers once in a while when they scan the QR code that will lead them to a product discount!

For example, your customers can scan the QR code to avail of food promos from participating stores upon ordering via drive-thru and pick-up service.

Upon scanning, the QR Code will lead them to the online store with the coupon QR code already ready to apply at check-out.

Because QR codes are dynamic, which means the content of the code is not permanent, and you can change the URL/information to another URL.

You can redirect the landing page of the QR code because the information is not dependent on the code.

You can go to your QR code generator dashboard and change the URL/information of your QR campaign.

QR codes on your window store that redirects to your online store

QR code on store window

Zara, one of the most popular apparel brands, has also come up with some of the most creative ways to still market their products, even to passers-by.

With a giant QR code displayed on their shop outside, people strolling around can still shop the QR code and shop online even if they have no time to walk in.

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Maximize your website traffic

FashionTV, a global fashion broadcasting television channel, recently televised the London Fashion Week replay with a QR code that flashes at the bottom of the television screen with a bold call for action “Scan to Watch Victoria’s Secret Story” during appropriate display moments.

The QR code redirects the end-user to the homepage of the FashionTV company.

The audience can then browse and choose to watch different fashion categories from films, videos of supermodels, fashion shows of various high-end brands, in-vogue styles and trends, Haute couture, commercials, and so on.

With QR codes, companies can advertise and sell straight to viewers, connect to them, and drive traffic to their stores, while their customers can stay from the comfort of their own homes safe and sound by converting URLs to QR codes.

Increase your business presence online by maximizing your email subscribers

A QR code that will redirect to sign-up forms to grow your email list!

Using a QR code for email marketing purposes is an innovative way to collect new subscribers. It’s fast and cost-efficient, and you can display them everywhere, both print and online.

This includes marketing materials such as:

  • Print ads, newspaper articles
  • Brochures, leaflets, posters, magazines
  • Online display
  • Order forms;
  • Books and packaging;
  • Souvenirs, T-shirts, and tags
  • Exhibition stands, window stores
  • Increase your social media presence

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Maximize your social media followers on your online business

What if I tell you that you can actually have better chances of growing your social media altogether by generating a social media QR code?

We all know that establishing a solid social media presence is a great way to build a relationship with your target customer and build that trust. But in order for you to do that, you need to grow it all together.

Generating a social media QR code will link all of your social media channels together, allowing you to maximize your followers by cross-pollinating your accounts!

2 ways you can scan a QR code and access the information behind the code

Through smartphone gadgets

The first option for scanning QR codes is using your smartphone camera. Updated smartphone devices today are built-in with QR code scanning capacity.

Simply point that camera towards the QR code and wait for it to access the information associated with the QR code. You will see a short URL and click that.

Make sure you check your settings if scanning QR codes is enabled.

Using a QR code scanner app

If you have an older version of a smartphone that doesn’t detect QR codes, there are hundreds of online QR code scanner apps that you can download from the Google play store or Apple play store.

QR code best practices: How to increase your business presence online and get the most out of your QR codes

To increase your business presence online, it is not only important that you implement QR codes, but knowing the best practices when generating your QR plays a crucial implementation that can make or break your QR code marketing campaign!

Be mindful of your QR code design

Borders must not pass through the QR code, nor do the elements attached to some elements of the QR code. QR codes are sensitive to borders and elements that may disable access.

The border must make it outside of the QR code

Do not make inverted QR codes

Have you ever scanned a QR code and wondered why they’d took so long to be scanned? Have you ever noticed the design that is on the left side?

Well, inverting your QR code colors might not be the very best idea to customize your QR. QR codes are built to scan QR codes with a darker foreground combined with a lighter background!

Don’t attach a foreign element to your QR code design

Unless you’re using a QR code generator that allows you to customize your QR code, do not add a foreign element to your QR code, such as copy-pasting your logo!

You cannot do that! If you want to customize your QR code and add a logo of your company or business, then do so by using a customizable QR code generator that will allow you to add your logo, icon, or brand image.

After all, there’s always a better brand recall with a QR code with a logo.

Add a call to action in your QR code

If you want to increase your business presence online, adding a CTA or a call to action is fundamental!

Many people are still not educated about what QR codes are about, and when they see a QR code, most likely that they don’t know what to do with it when they see one.

A call to action will prompt users to scan your QR code. Give them a preview of what they will get when they scan your code!

The QR code must lead to a mobile-friendly link

Most of your scans will come from smartphone gadgets, so make sure that your layout is also optimized for mobile use and loads easily.

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How to create a QR code

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Select the type of category you like
  • Click generate dynamic QR code and customize your QR code
  • Do a scan test of your QR
  • Download and deploy

The importance of tracking your QR code statistics in increasing your business presence online

It is important to know the QR code statistics of your campaign because it allows you to see where people are seeing your posters, promotions, and advertisement.

It gives you insights into the effectiveness of your QR code implementation and if you’re getting the scans and traction you want.

However, tracking of QR code data is only possible if you generate your QR code in a dynamic QR and the data you will see with your QR code include includes:

  • The number of scans
  • Device used by your scanners
  • The map chart of the overall view

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QR code for business growth: Maximize your business presence online using the QR codes

QR codes never made a comeback, but they only accelerated in their usage in the midst of the pandemic.

With many QR codes uses you can possibly see around, such as in menus, television, print ads, online, and elsewhere, it is no longer a surprise that these codes have a huge role to play not only today but in shaping the scheme of the business landscape.

If you have more questions about how to use QR codes for business growth and how you can use this to maximize your business presence online, just contact us now, and we will be happy to assist you on your QR journey.

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