How to use QR codes in your B2B sales strategy to maximize your sales?

Last updated:  April 03, 2021

Are you struggling to grow B2B sales? Is there a way to adopt the use of QR codes in gaining more business clients? If, so what are they?

It's no secret that B2B eCommerce will drive 1.2 trillion dollars in revenue by the year 2021. Because of that, businesses are finding new ways in gaining more sales. But, how can they increase their market?

Different technological innovations like QR codes have come a long way to help B2B businesses in gaining more sales.

As a matter of fact, it has helped startups in penetrating the B2B market. To learn more about how QR codes help these companies in gaining more customers let us first learn what B2B sales are all about.

B2B sales meaning: What is B2B?

b2b salesB2B sales also are known as business to business sales, relate to businesses that directly sell their products to companies rather than direct consumers.

B2B businesses include modeling and photography agencies, and manufacturing and retailing companies. This type of sales has higher-order values as they offer solutions to other companies' problems.

Thanks to technology, B2B marketing incorporate B2C marketing strategies in increasing B2B sales. As a result, the number of B2B companies increases year after year.

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Why B2B businesses thrive?

B2B businesses thrive over the course of the 21st century because of globalization. Without globalization, the B2B will not be launched internationally and will lose the chance of gaining more B2B sales.

Other than that, here are 5 other reasons why the B2B market thrives smoothly.


b2b sales meaningThe internet is the business industry's new highway of opportunities. Because of this, companies like B2B businesses flourish and show no sign of stopping.

Thanks to the glory the internet bestows upon businesses and customers, product inquiry becomes easy. As a result, 71% of B2B businesses see the potential of simple websites as a selling feature for their products.

Multiple Payment options

There are different payment options emerging today. Because of that, B2B businesses are integrating these options in gaining more B2B sales.

As B2B marketers are doubting a specific payment option that companies may pay through, other payment options can help them clear their doubts away. Thus, making the B2B market the top growing sector today.

Researcher demographics

b2b sales strategyKnowing your buyer demographics is crucial in taking the next step of your marketing plan. Because of this, B2B marketers perfected the right marketing strategy to gain B2B sales.

According to a survey Google conducted in 2015, 46% of these researchers are millennials, Gen X, and Gen Y. The age bracket of these buyers is from 18 to 34 years.

Out of these three demographics, millennials are keen on having the best customer experience. Because of these, B2B companies are swift in updating their website and customer service features to ensure the growth of their B2B sales.

Social Media

b2b sales processIn 2020, 3.8 billion people are now using social media to keep up with the trends. Because of that, 64% of B2B marketers are engaging in social media to gain B2B sales. As a result, social media has become one of the marketers sought-after platforms for business.

B2B is the 21st Century's New B2C

As modern technology dawn the start of the 21st century, the way marketers perceive B2C marketing shifts into B2B marketing.

Because of these, C-level B2B executives incorporate the use of B2C marketing techniques in their business by letting customers do product inquiry by using third-party sites or apps.

How to use QR codes in your B2B sales strategy to increase your sales?

how to do b2b sales

QR codes are known as a digital tool that can connect offline users to online information once it is scanned using QR codes.

It's ability to provide a quick access to various information using a smartphone device, has paved its way to marketing and advertising, and making it a convenient tool to use. 

As modern technological tools such as QR codes are making waves in the 21st century, B2B marketers are finding new ways in increasing their B2B sales. To make the most of QR codes, here are 5 useful ways that you can follow.

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Use them as your "Call to Action"

b2b sales using qr codesCall to action (CTA) have help businesses in building more customer connections. Because of that, CTA optimization becomes their major turning point in closing more deals.

With QR code integration, you can boost content conversions by 80%.

By placing them in areas where a potential customer can see them, the chances of getting your efforts noticed increases. Also, QR codes can visually compel customers to give a product a try by letting them scan these QR codes.

The information that you can add in your CTA QR codes are can be useful information about your product and services. This information can be in the form of video, PDF, audio, and images.

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Add them in your print marketing

b2b sales on print marketingLong before digital marketing become the 21st-century marketing norm, print marketing dominates the advertising realm. Because of that, B2B companies are still using print media in advertising their products and services.

Print marketing includes magazines, brochures, posters, and flyers. To pique your customer's curiosity, adding QR codes to your print marketing is a great move.

As it enables you to integrate dynamic content on a static surface like newspapers.

When adding QR codes on print paper, the correct guidelines in printing is needed. In this way, you can ensure to attract the customers and divert their interest on the QR codes content.

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Use them on your advertisements on wheels

b2b sales on wheelsIf your marketing technique involves travel, advertisements on wheels are a great investment. It allows you to advertise your product or service without the need of paying additional advertisements fees.

But, to gain people's attention to your advertisement on wheels, replacing eye-straining text into QR codes is a great option. By adding a call to action tag and logo on your QR code, you instill brand awareness with your customers.

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Add them on your product presentations

what does b2b sales meanGetting the customer's attention can be tricky to attain. Because of that, events and conferences such as product presentations, become marketers means in penetrating more customers and increase B2B sales.

But since people's attention span is short, creating effective product presentation can be troublesome. To solve this problem, Technological advancements such as QR codes can increase people's attention.

You can add these QR codes in between product presentations or after it and let them use and scan these QR codes for additional reference. These QR codes are useful for product conferences and events.

Insert them on your business cards

b2b sales business cardBusiness cards are one of the business industry's must-have move in gaining more customers. Despite being in the digital era, 27 million business cards are printed daily.

By referring to these figures, it evidently shows the strong influence of business cards in business transactions.

To show a unique business card to prospective, customers, adding a QR code to it increases the edge of having a modern call card.

The QR code solution B2B companies can incorporate is Vcard QR codes. Through the use of it, space you usually provide for your information will be absorbed by these QR codes and thus create a minimalistic template.

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Include in your product and services packaging

B2B companies are planning to ditch bulky paperwork in the future. As environmental campaigns can help them increase their B2B sales, going clean and green become their choice of operating.

By adding QR codes on their product packaging, their Go Green initiative will become a reality.

QR codes can reduce the amount of paper wasted. Because of these, adding them to product packaging allows interaction on the product's information while keeping the customers entertained with your content.

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Benefits of QR codes to B2B companies

QR codes can boost B2B companies' B2B sales and revenue. Because of this, they see the benefits QR codes could pose in their B2B operations. As an answer to the benefits you may think of, here are 6 notable benefits of QR codes to B2B companies

Expand business network

QR codes bridge two dominant platforms in the business industry, print and digital. Because of this, B2B companies are able to expand their business network and connect with their customers whether they are online or offline. In this way, they can increase the chance of gaining more B2B sales.

Also, they can let their customers experience the dual-platform marketing stint that your company offer by letting them scan your QR code and immerse them with different product/service marketing materials.

In this way, you won't have to prompt your customer to download these materials as it will disrupt their inquiry about your product.

In addition, it may result in terminating their product inquiry and find another company that offers similar products/services.

To avoid this from happening, QR code experts introduce the use of the QR code technology for making B2B transactions possible.

Enhances SMO and SEO

QR codes enhance social media and search engine optimization. As there are currently 4,208,571, 287 internet users today, and 3.2 billion of it are social media users, QR codes are the perfect tool in enhancing a B2B company's SMO and SEO.

With its capacity to embed a company's social media handles and content, no problem will occur in dominating the internet.

Because of these, B2B companies are able to establish their ranks in the search engine ranking and be able to increase their internet traffic in a short period of time.

Connect offline and online media marketing

By integrating the use of QR codes in your B2B media marketing, you can connect offline and online media into one.

Because of its ability to merge offline to online (O2O) B2B marketing, the probability of increasing B2B sales is high. Also, QR codes enable immersive interaction with your marketing materials by scanning and unpacking its content.

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QR codes are trackable

Dynamic QR codes have a data tracking feature. Unlike the typical static QR codes, dynamic QR codes are more flexible and trackable. Because of this, B2B companies use dynamic QR codes in their products and services, as well as in their marketing campaigns.

In this way, they are able to track the number of purchases of their product and services and find the location with most deals made.

By inserting these QR codes in their products and services, and marketing campaigns, businesses can easily have data for their next product launch.

In the B2B case, the next solution release. Because of that, they are able to generate more B2B sales and have enough data to pitch their existing products to their target companies.

Boosts creativity

QR codes can boost your creativity by customizing its visuals and the content you want to offer to your target company. In this way, you can show your company's brand or identity to your customer and increase brand retention.

Because of that, QR codes can increase B2B sales while instilling brand awareness among the purchasers.

You can show your creativity with QR codes by customizing the QR code's set of patterns, eyes, and color. Also, you can add a frame, your logo, and call to action tag like "Scan to Like" and "Scan and Share".

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Introduce new customer experience

b2b sales salaryOne of the customers' reasons why they first do a product inquiry before proceeding in purchasing one is they want to test their experience with inquiring.

In this way, they are able to trust the company they want to work with. A B2B company that offers the best customer experience most likely gets the most B2B sales.

With the use of QR codes, B2B companies can introduce new customer service and boost their marketing game and skyrocket their chance of increasing their B2B sales.

QR codes - powering the future of B2B marketing!

When increasing your B2B sales, QR codes always got your back. With the power it possesses to convert researchers into paying customers, the essence of B2B sales is achieved. Thanks to modernization, QR codes are able to power the future of B2B marketing.

With the professional QR code generator available online, startup businesses can adopt B2B marketing techniques in their operations and explore the possible uses of QR codes.

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