MENU TIGER: How to Add Admins and Users to Your Online Restaurant

Update:  May 29, 2023
MENU TIGER: How to Add Admins and Users to Your Online Restaurant

MENU TIGER is a digital menu software that allows your restaurant to create an online store and assign administrators and users to each store. In this blog, you will know how to add admins and users to your stores using the MENU TIGER software.

Furthermore, MENU TIGER makes it simple to add admins and users.

Continue reading to learn more about the process and the features of an interactive restaurant menu QR code software.

What are the access levels in MENU TIGER?


An admin of your restaurant has access to the following sections:

1. Dashboard

menu tiger dashboardThe Dashboard presents the overall order analytics of your restaurant through the digital menu app. It shows the number of daily orders received, the income earned, and the number of new customers.

Moreover, the dashboard also shows order analytics and the most sold menu items of your restaurant.

The admin can see the process and updates in the dashboard in real-time.

2. Stores

menu tiger stores sectionThe Stores section shows the number of stores or branches a single account holds. The admin can access branches available in emenu app account.

3. Menu

menu tiger food listThe Menu section shows the menu items and food lists of your restaurant. These menu items are accessible in the QR menu of your restaurant. The admin can access the menu section and edit food items if necessary.

4. Orders

menu tiger orders sectionThe Orders section shows the incoming orders from the customers. The admin can assess the orders as pending, in progress, and completed.

5. Customers

menu tiger customer details sectionThe Customers section shows the customer details of your restaurant. The admin can download a CSV file of the customers in your restaurant.

6. Reports

menu tiger reports dashboardThe Reports section shows the feedback and comments from customers. The admin can access the feedback and comments of your restaurant’s regular customers.

An admin cannot access the  Website and Add-ons sections. Only the primary admin can access these sections


The user can only access the order panel of the assigned store. The order section is where the incoming orders will show. Usually, the kitchen staff or the waiters access this section to know more about the customers’ orders and update its status in real-time.

Note: A new admin or a new user can only be given access to a single store only.

How to add admins and users to your stores

Adding admins and users is made easy with MENU TIGER software. Here are the steps on how to add admins and users to your stores:

1. Go to the MENU TIGER website.

menu tiger websiteOpen

2. Sign in your account.

menu tiger sign in accountLog in your MENU TIGER account through

3. Proceed and click the Stores section.

menu tiger stores section in the admin appOnce you have logged in, click the Stores button of your account.

4. Click the branch or store name under the Stores column.

menu tiger select storesChoose the branch or store name you want an admin or user to be added.

5. Click the Users button.

menu tiger users sectionClick the Users button to put your employees pertinent details.

6. Click ”Add” to add users and admins.

menu tiger add users and adminsClick Add and supply the information asked.

7. Fill in the necessary information asked.

menu tiger user information formWrite the full name of your restaurant’s employee from the first name, last name, email address and password.

8. Choose the Access Level of your employee whether an admin or a user.

menu tiger choose access levelNow that you already know how to add users and admins for your MENU TIGER account. Let us proceed on the tips in choosing and hiring the right restaurant employee for your business.

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How to log in as an admin or user

After you add an admin or user, let that staff know to do the following:

1. Check your inbox to verify your email address

verify email address
2. Log in at Use the password sent in the verification emaillog in menu tiger account
3. Start managing orders or do the other tasks depending on their access levelmanage orders in the dashboardRead more: Restaurant trend: The growing interest in designing emenu app

Types of employees to add in your restaurant business

As part of your restaurant’s growth, you need to hire the best and most effective staff for your business.

However, there are various restaurant staff roles you need to consider. The vital element to building a great team in your restaurant is to hire the right people to help you run your business.

Always remember that a restaurant can function if there is a dedicated team that is willing to help your restaurant grow.

Furthermore, there are two areas of operation in a restaurant – the Front of House and Back of House. These areas also correspond to the employees you need for your restaurant.

So, here are some basic tips you need to know about what types of employees you are going to employ for your restaurant business.

Front of House employees

The Front of House (FOH) represents areas that your restaurant customers have access to. It is where customers dine and enjoy their meals. 

The areas covered by FOH employees include the dining area, bar, buffet area, and any other place where customers dine and order.

So here are restaurant staffs you need to have in your restaurant :

Restaurant manager

The restaurant manager oversees the managerial post of your restaurant operations. A manager handles restaurant operations, checks incoming orders, hires and manages employees, runs the payroll, and others.


The host greets customers with welcoming hands upon entering your restaurant. They handle the table reservations and coordinate with guests.


Bartenders usually hang out near the Bar area of your restaurant. They make quick and creative drinks for staff to serve to customers.

Bartenders should be able to tell customers what drinks your restaurant offers.


Servers are your restaurant’s frontrunners. Once orders are fulfilled in the kitchen area, the servers will then deliver the meal orders of the customers.

Since MENU TIGER offers an interactive restaurant menu QR code to customers, servers no longer need to give out paperback menus to customers. 


Bussers are responsible for clearing up the table after using. They are also responsible for setting up the restaurant tables. 

Their task is to oversee that the table is well laid out with the complete utensils for guests to use.


Cashiers are responsible for handling cash registers. MENU TIGER not only recommends cashless payments, but we also receive cash payments from customers with the use of POS integration systems.

Now that we have identified the FOH employees of your restaurant, let us proceed on to the Back of House employees of your restaurant.

Back of House employees

The Back of House refers to the back end of the restaurant operations. It includes areas like the kitchen, inventory spaces, and others.

This is a place where only restaurant staff are permitted to enter.

Here is a list of BOH employees you need for your restaurant:

Head Chef

The head chef is responsible for leading the entire kitchen operations. They are responsible for preparing the meals for customers. 

Head chefs also assist kitchen staff in preparing and cooking meals. They also train new cooks, manage kitchen staff, and look after the restaurant’s inventory and stock purchases.


Cooks do the preparation and initial cooking of meals being served in a restaurant. They assist the head chef in running kitchen operations.


Dishwashers are responsible for maintaining dishes clean and ready to use for chefs in cooking and preparing. They also maintain the cleanliness of utensils used by customers.

Maintenance staff

The maintenance staff is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and proper hygiene inside the kitchen area. They help your restaurant maintain a neat environment for people to eat and work.

Now that you already know who you should hire in your business, you can now run a seamless restaurant operation with the help of your dedicated team.

Enjoy the 14-day trial of MENU TIGER today and explore the software’s features

Enjoy the features of MENU TIGER today. You can add admins and users to your restaurant. These staff will help your business operations run efficiently and effectively.

Restaurant staff help your business offer streamlined and tailored services to customers.

To know more about MENU TIGER, contact us today!

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