Contactless Event Registration: Top 20+ Technology to Use

Update:  September 22, 2023
Contactless Event Registration: Top 20+ Technology to Use

The pandemic has made the event and experiential industry pause on live events. But it does not stop event planners from finding a way to carry on.

Technology makes a safer event possible by using various tech tools for contactless registration for events.

This causes a downfall in activities, bringing on-ground events to a complete halt, resulting in repercussions across various aspects of the industry.

However, with the huge strides in vaccination efforts, the event industry is looking forward to getting back on the ground.

Why do you need to use tech tools for contactless event registration?

Registration QR code

A recent PULSE survey found that 81% of meeting planners will hold their next in-person event sometime last year, with 59% of those events will take place in the second half of the year.

In-person meetings and events are on the precipice of a full recovery.

As the event industry returns to normalcy, ensuring safety and convenience is still important.

This starts in event registration, where most interactions happen.

But event planners can reduce these physical interactions by incorporating technology into the event planning process.

These tech tools for events contactless registration will help event organizers with hassle-free event planning.

Moreover, it ensures that you’re following social distancing and controlling the number of people in the registration area.

But before choosing which tools to use, it pays to know more about the factors to consider which tool is fit for your needs.

How to choose the best tech tools for touchless event registration

Here are some key features to look for when you research tech tools for contactless registration for your next event.

Generally, these tools should ensure that there are fewer touchpoints and that interactions are kept to a minimum.

Also, registration tasks and the entire event planning process are done primarily online.

1. User-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface

2. Professional yet easy-to-create online registration forms for guests

3. Has a shopping cart feature for ticket purchases

4. Provides assigned seating feature

5. Online payment processing integrations

6. Integrates QR code event check-in free service

Key takeaway: When deciding whether a certain tech tool for efficient event registration is right for you, consider the features it offers and how well it integrates with your events.

Now that you know the important things to consider before choosing the right technology, here’s a list of top technologies to achieve events contactless registration process.

Event management and registration tools for contactless events/ contactless event check-in

First up are the tools for event management and registration.

Various tools in the market help you facilitate online registration, ticketing solutions, and check-ins.

The tool should go beyond simple transactions and should help you manage your event end to end.

Moreover, it should also incorporate QR codes on tickets for online check-ins to ensure a seamless event process.

An event registration system with a QR code provides you with valuable data and reporting that you can use to make strategic decisions.

Here are the tools we recommend:

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite QR code

Eventbrite is a reliable sidekick for any event planner.

It helps you track ticket sales on your phone in real time, facilitate mobile event check-in, and stay up to date with live attendance tracking.

It also provides email confirmations and reminders to your guests.

By utilizing the Eventbrite QR code to manage your ticketing, you can focus on the various touchpoints that will contribute to the remarkable nature of your life experience.

2. Bevy

Bevy enables you to host community events, either in person or virtually.

It is an all-in-one platform that helps you plan, promote, and execute all types of events.

Here, you can streamline the registration process, payment processing, mobile check-in, and on-site tickets and registration.

3. RegOnline Lanyon

Rgonline lanyon QR code

Planners can use RegOnline to handle registration processes ranging from simple to complex, including session sign-ups and inputting lodging and travel details.

RegOnline also provides professional-looking marketing materials for websites, online registration forms, and email templates.

It also has custom reporting tools in a single cloud-based system.

4. Regpack

Regpack allows you to customize registration forms and create unlimited attendee types.

You can use a QR code for event check-in for free guests with a mobile device or let them do a self-check-in.

It also offers a group check-in solution for large groups.

5. Member Solutions

Member Solutions has an event registration feature that makes it easy to create signup forms, liability waivers, and other attendee paperwork using a library of templates.

All forms are white-labeled and can easily be branded with your company logo.

6. GoGuide

GoGuide is a comprehensive new tech solution in the market.

It facilitates virtual queuing, social distancing, and contact tracing at venues of all types.

GoGuide uses Bluetooth tech and RFID tags to keep guests safe in a variety of ways.

Furthermore, it sends out designated arrival times and entry locations to prevent crowds.

Likewise, it has a vision recognition tech to identify patrons who are not wearing masks properly. They will receive a notification or reminder.

Next is the emerging QR code technology for more touchless events.

QR code technology for contactless registration at events

An event registration system with a QR code makes check-ins faster and more convenient for your attendees.


QR code generator

One of the most credible and reliable QR code generators online you can use is QR TIGER. And with its easy-to-navigate interface, starting users can easily create and modify their QR codes without hassle.

It offers various solutions for faster registration and attendance confirmation, like the RSVP QR code.

You can generate a QR code number in bulk or create a registration form and convert it to a URL QR code.

This QR code generator also offers the creation of dynamic QR codes for businesses to track and update their QR code even after the QR code is downloaded and deployed.

Now, we’re down to payment processing.

Payment processing tools

As the registration process is already done online, make sure to collect cashless payments via these digital payment solutions.

8. Paypal

Event managers can use Paypal to sell event tickets.

Buyers won’t have to set up a Paypal account, they only need to use a credit card to make ticket purchases.

Just find more information on the Paypal website on how to integrate it into your current event management software.

9. Venmo

For your community events and small gatherings, you can use Venmo, a mobile payment service, for easy payment processing.

It allows users to share and like payments and purchases through a social feed.

10. Square

Square is a credit card processor intended for small event organizers.

Using Square, you can collect payments from your attendees by reading credit cards using a smart device or by manually entering in credit card information (in-person or over the phone).

Ticket scanners

During your event proper, of course, you’ll need ticket scanners. There are mobile scanning devices available and even hand-held scanners, as well as apps you can use.

Image QR code

Tip from event planners: Make sure to look for a scanning app that can support large groups if you are into hosting large events.

We recommend these scanning apps:

11. codeREADr

You can use the codeREADr app to scan the codes on the tickets using a smartphone or tablet’s built-in cameras.

Should there be unstable internet, you can use the on-device (offline) database option with Auto Sync in the background.

12. Ticketsource

Ticketsource offers various options to speed up entry and lessen wait times.

One key feature is that all ticket formats include scannable QR codes for automated validation and secure admission.

The Ticketsource app can scan the code on guests’ tickets in whatever format they have chosen.

The app checks the ticket reference in real time, so you’ll need a Wi-Fi or 3G connection at the venue to use it.

13. Eventix Ticket Scanner

The Eventix Ticket scanner app is useful for small to medium events. You can turn your smartphone device into a scanner using this app.

Eventix ticket scanner

It scans over 1000 tickets per scanner per hour and uses visitor lists to look up and manually check-in visitors. You can also gain insights into your check-in counts.

AI-driven check-in platforms: Face recognition software

One of the major pain points for event attendees is a slow check-in process.

Bottle-necks are often caused by other delegates arriving with their hands full and not being able to bring their electronic or printed tickets.

But you can streamline your check-in process using facial recognition software.

Using facial recognition software allows pre-registered visitors to walk up to a terminal with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, smile at a camera, and be instantly identified without them even having to put their bags down.

If you’re planning to incorporate this technology during your event, here are recommended software you can use:

14. Lambda Labs API

Lambda Labs API provides features such as face recognition, detection, eye position, plus nose and mouth position.

It also has a gender classification feature.

15. EyeRecognize Face Detection

Provides coordinates for all faces detected and associated facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, skin tone, and hair color.

This API also returns several biometric features still in development, including gender, race, and age estimation.

16. Expo Logic Face Recognition API

Expo Logic can detect the faces of attendees when they approach a check-in kiosk or counter station.

Then the badge will be printed automatically.

Some of its key features include online registration image capture, on-site scanning, integrated badge printing, live reporting, and email notifications for attendees.

17. Kairos Face Recognition API

Kairos face recognitionThe API endpoints of Kairos Face recognition include identifying gender, age, emotional depth, facial recognition in both photo and video and more.

18. Face Recognition

Luxand. cloud Face recognition detects and compares human faces. Identify previously tagged people in images. Recognize age, gender, and emotion in the photo.

Some key features include searching for people in a specific photo, verification, looking for a specific person in the collection of photos, and so on.

Assigned seating tool

Seating plans are important for a more organized event. It also makes your guests relaxed because they know where they’ll be sitting and with whom.

That being said, you don’t have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Now, you can use tech tools like seating chart generators making it easy to simplify event seating.

Here are some of the top seating plan tools:

19. Planning Pod

Planning Pod allows you to create detailed event seating plans in minutes with its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

20. Aventri

Aventri is another tool that helps you create a layout and allows your attendees to select their seats.

It also automates reporting so you can get live insight into the total number of seats available, attendee totals, and drill-down on seat categories.

21. Allseated

Allseated app

Allseated has various seating plan software tools needed for event planning.

Using the tools, you can efficiently manage the table seating and floorplan details with virtual and collaborative benefits.

Bonus tools: EventBots

As part of the event registration process, some event attendees would ask for basic information such as the wifi password, the registration desk, or what session should check out next.

To give your attendees quick answers to common event questions, you can use EventBots.

It will help you cut crowds in your information booths, as every piece of information is accessible via the app.

22. The Bot Platform

The Bot Platform automates communication with event staff and event attendees.

It also easily supplies details on travel, accommodation, and other logistical information.

23. Eventbase

Eventbase provides event planners with a quicker way to offer personalized concierge service at big events.

It automates communication with staff and attendees, such as providing FAQs and other important information.

QR code technology: Use QR TIGER for seamless event registration

As listed above, QR TIGER is one of the trusted QR code generators online by event planners and organizers. These are the following QR code solutions you can use for your touchless event registration.

Sports events can be a hassle to organize since they usually involve a huge number of people. To help event agencies organize a smooth-sailing event such as a marathon event, they can use custom QR codes for marathon events.

QR code number in bulk

One solution is that you can generate a unique QR code for your attendees.

Before the event is proper, you can send QR codes to your guests via email.

This QR code will contain a unique number QR code that will be scanned at the arrival or entrance.

The QR code can be scanned by event staff at a safe distance.

This way, you can easily track who has arrived and help prevent ticket fraud.

Bulk QR code

For this, you can generate a QR code number in bulk to generate your individual and unique QR code.

Additional tip from event planners: Make sure to look for digital platforms that provide custom ticket types and can easily integrate QR codes into the existing system for events contactless registration.

Using the QR code solution in QR TIGER will make admittance fast as guests already have digital tickets.

Since this is a dynamic QR code, you can easily track data such as when people arrived, the types of purchased tickets, and so on. You can use this data for future events.

Also, QR TIGER’s bulk QR code generator is useful for big events like music festivals and concerts that accommodate a huge number of people. For example, a Coachella QR code needs to be generated in bulk to authenticate each event ticket.

Create a registration template form and convert it to a URL QR code for events with contactless registration

The second solution for QR code-enabled event registration is to have a URL QR code for your registration form.

When scanned by your attendees, they will be redirected immediately to the online registration form and can fill out the form using their smartphones.

Google form QR code

To create this URL QR code, here are the steps:

First, you need to create a registration template form. You can use Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or other registration tools where you can create your template.

After entering the data, you want to collect from your attendees, copy the URL of your form and paste it into the QR Code Generator online.

Go to and paste the URL into the menu. Choose “dynamic” and generate your QR code. Then you can customize it, run a scan test, and distribute your QR code.

A real-life example of contactless registration at events

Singapore Management University event uses a QR code for contactless event check-in

The Singapore Management University held an event and used e-tickets with unique QR codes to expedite the check-in process of attendees by simply scanning the QR codes with iPads onsite.

Etickets QR code

The event planners can also track real-time attendance using an app integrated with the system.

The attendees can have their tickets on the go as they only need to store the e-ticket on their smartphones.

Businesses and establishments in Australia use QR codes for digital check-in

Establishments in Sydney, Queensland, Victoria, and other cities in Australia are using QR code technology for contactless check-in.

Although the technology is intended for contact tracing purposes, the phenomenon still illustrates how QR code plays an essential role in the digital check-in process.

Contactless event registration: Decrease the risk to increase confidence

Planning an event may seem a little daunting at first, given the drastic changes the event industry has experienced.

However, you can still make your events safe and memorable using the tools for touchless event registration.

If you want to integrate QR codes as your tool for seamless event registration, contact us today.

Frequently asked questions

What is contactless event registration?

Contactless event registration is part of the process that lessens pain points in registration and check-in. Aided by technology, event registration is now contactless, safe, and convenient.

What is contactless technology for events?

The technology intended for contactless events includes event management and registration tools, QR code technology, digital payment tools, ticket scanners, and face recognition software.

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