Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Update:  February 01, 2024
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is a QR code, and what does it stand for?

“QR” stands for “Quick Response”. A quick response code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode capable of storing data. It was invented by the Japanese company Denso Wave originally for use in logistics in 1994.

Can I generate QR codes in bulk?

You can use our Bulk QR code generator with logo tool to create QR codes in bulk easily. Simply upload a CSV file containing all the links, then input how many codes you want to generate.

This allows you to download unique QRs with tracking features. A bulk QR is useful if you need unique QRs or make codes linked to different URLs.

Why do I need a QR code?

QR codes give a digital dimension to any product, visual material, or experience. They connect online and offline worlds, giving businesses and individuals a fast, safe, and low-cost solution. Recent QR code statistics also reveal that more users will opt for this technology in years to come.

My QR code is not working. What can I do?

There can be several reasons why a QR code is not working correctly. First, check your destination link. Minor typos in the URL can break your QR. Also, ensure the code is big enough and located in a well-lit environment.

What is the difference between a static and dynamic QR code?

Static QR codes are created using a free QR code generator. They look plain and are more dense. They cannot be modified once downloaded and/or printed, and do not come with features such as tracking and protection.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are mor­e versatile. They are fully customizable and their destination link can be changed at any point after printing.

Dynamic QRs are more applicable in more use cases—especially in marketing—as they come with tracking features. With them, you can track the number of scans, the time and location of scans, and the device types used for scanning.

Can I create a dynamic QR code for free?

Users can easily create a free dynamic QR code with a logo on QR TIGER. You can sign up for our Free version any time, where you can generate three free dynamic QRs with a 500 scan limit each.

Is there a scan limit to the dynamic QR codes created under paid plans?

No, there is no scan limit for dynamic QR codes generated under any paid QR TIGER plans. Dynamic QRs have unlimited scans with a valid subscription. If your plan expires, it will stop working.

Can I switch from a static to a dynamic QR code?

No. Unfortunately, once you’ve made a static QR with a free QR code generator, you cannot convert it to a Dynamic QR. Static and dynamic QR codes are two different QR code types.

How many times can my dynamic QR be scanned?

Users can scan your dynamic QRs without limit until your paid subscription expires.

How many free static QR codes can I make?

There is no limit to the number of free static QR codes you can create. The best part is that these QR codes never expire. Feel free to generate as many static QR codes as you need, knowing that they will remain functional.

Can a single QR code lead to multiple destinations?

Yes, you can store multiple links in a single QR code. A Multi URL QR code enables you to embed and redirect to multiple links that can change depending on the time of scanning, the language synced in the device used in scanning, the location of the scanner, and the total number of scans.

How do I edit a QR code?

To edit a QR code ensure you’ve created a dynamic QR code. To modify your dynamic QR, go to your Dashboard, select the Category and Campaign, click Edit, enter the new destination link, and hit save.

How to update a dynamic QR code?

Here’s how you can update or edit your dynamic QR code:

1. Go to My Account and click Dashboard.

2. Select the dynamic QR code you want to update.

3. Click Edit and simply edit or replace the existing information with a new one. Once done, click Save.

Can I change the dynamic QR code’s design after generating and downloading it?

No, you cannot change the design of the dynamic QR after generating and downloading it. You can only edit its content.

Can I delete a dynamic QR code?

Yes, you can go to your dashboard and delete dynamic QR codes that have been scanned less than eight times. You can no longer delete dynamic codes that have been scanned eight times or more.

Can I resize my QR code?

You can resize your QR code file sizes using photo-editing apps like Photoshop. You can download your customized QR code with logo in PNG or SVG image format.

Both image formats let you save your custom QR code in high resolution. But the thing is, it’s ideal to save your QR code in SVG format when printing your QR code.

The SVG format ensures your custom QR codes won’t be pixelized when downsized or resized.

How can I scan a QR code if it’s on my phone?

To scan a QR code from your phone or photo gallery, just simply use a QR code scanner. You don’t need another phone to scan the QR code on your phone.

What is a good QR code scanner?

All iPhones with iOS 11 and above can recognize QRs using their built-in camera feature in photo mode. This is the same for all new Android devices.

Otherwise, you can download the QR TIGER free QR scanner app from the App Store or Play Store.

How do I scan a password-protected QR code?

You may scan a password-protected QR code using the QR TIGER scanner app, your phone’s built-in scanner, or other software.

But remember that you can only access the embedded information if you know the encrypted password.

How do I create a QR code for my Facebook?

You can use our Facebook QR code solution to generate a quick response code that leads to your Facebook page, posts, or “Like Page” button.

It is optimized to easily redirect your audience to various Facebook links. The Facebook QR solution allows you to boost your business pages, events, and posts or promote your personal account.

Can I make a File QR code for a PDF, JPEG, PNG, Word, or Excel document?

Yes, you can upload files to make a PDF QR code, Word QR code, Excel QR code, or Video QR code. You can also make a JPEG QR code or a PNG QR code, or any other image file.

What is the difference between a PNG and SVG file?

An SVG file is a vector-type file that can be used in programs such as Adobe Illustrator or In Design.

For Photoshop, you need to import your SVG file. An SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality.

PNG is an ideal format for online use. It can also be used for print but note that PNG files have less quality than SVG.

Can I create a QR code for a Google Form?

Yes, you can create a Google Form QR code by selecting “Google Form” from the top panel of our homepage. Simply place the URL of your form in the field and generate the code.

Can I create a digital business card QR code?

Yes, you can create a customized digital business card QR code on QR TIGER. And it’s super easy to do so using their vCard QR code solution.

What makes their vCard solution ideal is its pre-designed digital business card templates that look very professional and sleek.

With their advanced vCard QR, you can store information like:

  • Business card owner’s name
  • Company details
  • Contact details
  • Address
  • Personal description
  • Photo
  • Social media links

What is a vCard QR code?

A vCard QR code is a type of dynamic QR that stores your contact information digitally. It is often called a digital business card.

vCard QRs can be used within a physical business card, in an email signature, or as a sticker on the back of one’s phone.

You can share a vCard to your email and edit its data using a dynamic QR. All our vCards are dynamic QRs that offer the most benefits.

Can I add my vCard QR code to my Apple Wallet/iPhone Wallet or iOS?

Yes, you can store your vCard QR code in your Apple Wallet for easier access. When you generate your vCard QR on QR TIGER, you can directly add it to your iOS wallet as a digital pass.

This way, you can share your business card QR code whenever and wherever you are. With QR TIGER’s newest vCard feature, you can now go completely paperless.

Can I add my vCard QR code to my Google Wallet?

Absolutely! You can directly add your vCard QR code or digital business card to your own Google Wallet as a digital pass for fast and convenient sharing.

How to track the data of my QR code?

Here’s how you can access the data of your dynamic QR codes:

1. Log in to your QR TIGER account and click My Account at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Click Dashboard on the drop-down menu.

3. Choose a dynamic QR code you want to track and click Stats to see the analytics.

On your Stats board, you can see your QR code’s performance based on: total & unique scans (over time), the time and location of each scan, the device operating system of scanners, GPS heat map, and a map chart.

Can I create a QR code for an MP3?

Yes, you can make an MP3 QR code. You can upload your MP3 file on SoundCloud and use the URL to create your QR.

What does white label mean?

Using our white label lets you set your own short domain and link it to our system to create dynamic QR codes and track their data.

When a user scans, they will see the default short URL:

If you use your own domain, they would then see:

What you need to do is link your sub-domain with our servers, so you can still track data with our system.

How do your subscription plans work?

Our plans come with a set number of QR codes that are valid for one year. Once you renew your plan, your QR allocation refreshes and will be valid for that period of time.

Note that you don’t get an additional number of QR codes each year you renew.

Can I pay a monthly subscription for any plans?

Our plans are fixed. Regular plan can be availed on a monthly basis, while advanced and premium plans are paid yearly.

Is it possible to have more than one user on a single subscription?

We don’t recommend having more than one user on a single subscription for security reasons. However, that is possible.

You will just need to share login credentials of your account whether you are a regular, advanced, or premium user. 

But with our Enterprise plan, you can create sub-users.

Sub-users can see their own dashboard and manage their own dynamic QR codes, you can choose to give them all access to each other dashboards.

This means they can see each other’s dynamic QR codes, and you can also give them admin privileges. This allows them to edit or delete each other QR codes.

Please reach out to our email support team for more information.

How do I get an invoice?

Click on the upper right corner of this page. On “My Account,” go to billing and enter the required information, such as your name, address, VAT number, and other relevant details.

How do I renew my plan with QR TIGER?

You can renew your plan within two days of its expiration. Simply log in, go to Pricing at the top bar, or enable auto-renew in the Billing section of your account settings.

Do you offer discounts?

We give discounts to NGOs and charity institutions for any of our yearly plans.

Will you charge automatically once my plan expires?

We now have an option to auto-renew; you just have to add a payment method under the Billing section in your account settings.

Do you have phone support?

To give our customers the best and quickest support, we focus on e-mail support. We respond mostly in a few hours, mostly less than an hour.

Feel free to ask us all your questions by email.

Can I save my QR code design as a template? And can I delete these templates later?

Yes, you can save your design as QR code templates. You may use it the next time you generate a QR. You can also easily delete the templates. Simply hover over the template and click on the “x” icon.

Can I edit the QR code design?

Advanced and Premium users can enjoy our newly-added QR code feature: Edit QR code design.

You can modify or adjust your QR code designs even after generating them. We strongly recommend conducting test scans after editing to ensure the successful scanning of your QR code.

Which colors should I avoid using in my QR code?

When making a colored QR code using our QR code generator with logo customization, it’s best to steer clear of light colors.

Most scanning devices find it difficult to scan lighter shades. For better readability and successful scanning, go for darker colors for the QR and stick to a white background.

This contrast between the darker-shade QR and the white background can improve the performance of your code.

What is the best format for the logo inside a QR code?

When making a QR code with a logo, it is crucial to consider the right size of the QR code according to the distance at which it will be scanned.

To maintain optimal scannability, ensure that your logo is in a square format, as non-square logos may appear stretched or distorted.

Additionally, when uploading your logo, you can choose between JPEG or PNG formats. It is generally recommended to have a logo file size ranging from 500KB to 1 MB, balancing quality and loading time.

Can I replicate my QR code or make a clone QR code?

Yes, you can replicate your QR codes. With QR TIGER’s newest dynamic QR code feature, you can easily create a duplicate QR code using the clone QR code feature.

On your Dashboard, select a dynamic QR code and click Settings. Then, simply click the Clone QR code to replicate your QR code in just seconds.

How do I generate a UTM code for my QR code?

QR TIGER recently added a built-in UTM builder or UTM generator in their dynamic URL QR code.

On your account dashboard, click the UTM icon, input the UTM parameters, and then save to create a UTM code. It will then attach to your URL or link instantly.

What makes QR TIGER’s UTM code generator is that you can update or edit the parameters. Hence, you can add or remove a specific parameter at any time.

UTM codes help you track your URL campaign with precision on Google Analytics (GA4) or other analytics tools.

Do you keep my QR codes if my subscription expires?

Yes, if your plan expires, we will retain your data for a maximum period of 1 year.

Upon failure to renew your subscription within this period, it is possible that we remove all data from your account.

Can I cancel or delete my account after the subscription?

No, there is no cancellation of the plan. It will stop on the expiration date after your subscription. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account anytime and request for a refund?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the level of our services at any time of your usage.

In both cases, the previous remaining advance payment (if any and calculated on a pro-rata basis) will be adjusted by increasing the period of the new subscription accordingly.

If you wish for a refund, a decision will be made on a case-to-case basis.

Can I use QR codes for my menu bar?

Yes, by uploading your PDF or JPG menu in the MENU category.

What is a digital menu app for restaurants?

Using a digital menu app for restaurants allows restaurants to efficiently manage their menu and update it at any time.

Moreover, customers can view the menu on their smartphones, select food items, and place an order through the digital menu app.

It also has an integrated mobile payment channel like PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay for a quick and easy method to settle customers’ payments.

How do I make a QR code for my restaurant menu?

To make a view-only QR code menu, upload a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file of your menu and use a QR code generator like QR TIGER.

Meanwhile, with MENU TIGER, you can create an interactive menu QR code that has mobile ordering and mobile payment integration.

I’ve seen QR codes on table tents. How do they work?

Displaying a QR code on table tent is one way of allowing your customers to access your restaurant menu via mobile phones.

Once scanned, the QR will redirect your diners to an online interactive menu where they can order and pay hassle-free.

Can a Wi-Fi QR code be dynamic?

No, Wi-Fi QR codes are static as often, the user scans them while offline. Note that dynamic QR codes require internet connection for them to work.

How to get rid of the ad when QR code is scanned before redirecting to the destination URL?

QR TIGER ads display when users scan QR codes generated from the free trial version, but the ad will disappear if you purchase any of our subscription plans.

An account with our regular or advanced plan will mention our brand for some pages on our website.

It will show as a footer in this form: “Powered by QR TIGER.”

This shows up on certain types of QR codes like vCard and Link in Bio QR code for social media.

To remove the logo pop-up, you will need to use our premium plan, which will give you access to our white label feature, as explained on our pricing page.

Our white label feature will remove our branding, so the footer mentioned above will disappear.

Is there a file size limit when creating a video QR code?

Freemium and regular plan maximum of 5MB/upload, Advanced plan 10MB/upload, Premium plan 20MB/upload.

Can I create more than 600 dynamic QR codes?

You can upgrade to our Enterprise plan if you need more than 600 dynamic QR codes.

How can I get my API key?

First, log in to your account. Go to My Account > Settings > Plan > Copy your API key.

Where can I find my API key?

Log in to your QR TIGER account and click “My Account” at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

You will be routed to your Account Settings page, and you will find your API key.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We don’t have an affiliate program, but we do offer a bonus if you can refer a friend, you get one free month extra for every friend that signs up for a yearly plan. Your friend gets a $10 discount, and you get a free month added to your plan.

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